WFRP4e: Foundry VTT Boat Character Sheet


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For those of you who have been running Warhammer Fantasy RPG 4e in Foundry, how should I be using the "role" and assigned crew members in a vehicle's character sheet? E.g., a river barge. It looks like I am expected to create the roles myself, and it is cool that I can do so, but are there rules that I am missing that specify rolls? I've read over the river rules in the Death on the Reik companion, but there are no "roles" specified there only different tests someone may need to make in different circumstances.

I'm assuming this feature of the boat character sheets are to provide shortcuts to avoid having to open the character sheet of individual actors for common boat navigation and repair tests. I would appreciate examples of how others are creating and assigning roles in the boat character sheets.

I've posted the same question to the Ratcatcher's Guild's "the-foundry-vtt" channel on Discord, but I know from other threads here that some ENWorlders are currently running WFRP4e in Foundry (looking at you @TheSword), so I figured I would post it here as well.

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