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D&D (2024) What 3PP content (settings, classes and PC species) would you like in D&D Beyond?

I have got Adventures in Rokugan and Iron Kingdoms: Requiem. Do you think these could appear in the future as 3PP in D&D Beyond? Would be possible Scarred Land and Realms of Pugmire by Onyx Path?

Did you like the exotic PC species from "Tales of Arcana"? Someones are in the SRD.

In your opinion what are the 3PPs settings with a potential better future, or should be added to DDB?

Do you know "Historia" by Mana Project Studio? And Ponyfinder?

Would be cool "Batlezoo" by Roll-for-Combat in D&D-B?

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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
I hope for @Nixlord's Expanded Monster Manuals 1, 2 and 3. I would imagine monster books in general would be the most straightforward to do, except for some monsters that twist the rules in funky ways.

Edited to add: Sorry, do you mean to limit suggestions to only settings, classes, and PC species?

Adventures in the Household, now in kickstarter, it could be a good "guest".

I am interested into settings inspired in no-Western culture for example Undoying Corruption by Nine Heaven Press, The Koryo Hall of Adventures by Aurélien Lainé, Kamon by Fabio Atolli or Ryoko's Guide of Yokai Realms.

What about Grim Hollow, or Nightfell?

And Skyriders of Abarax by the famous Tracy and Laura Hitman?

Would you like the classes by Mage Hand Press?

What is the best Witch class by a 3PP, maybe Hexbound? Any sourcebook about crafting? For example Wtich+Craft by Astrolabo Press.

Heliana's Guide of Monster Hunting.

And Animal Adventures where PCs are animals?

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