D&D 5E Favorite 3PPs' setting?


Any new about Laser & Lichs?
Both supplements are currently out, and they are hella badass! (Well, I have the player's supplement, but I haven't gotten the GM Beats supplement yet.)

For me it is:

-Animal Adventures/Secrets of Gullet Cove

-Kobold Press related material such as Midgard.

-Iron Kingdom: Requiem

-Laser and Liches.

-Adventures in Middle-Earth 5E

Those would be my personal top choices. And Iron Kingdom: Requiem is capable of being refluffed and what not. I have added its whole weapon section to my Forgotten Realms 5E games and the upcoming Tome of Heroes's weapons are going to be added to it as well. So, I sure as heck won't be lacking in 5E weapons. Both Humblewood/Animal Adventures are perfect for playable Animal PCs options and The Faraway Sea supplement, for Animal Adventures, comes out this October with stuff like playable foxes, pigs, goats, and what not).

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Elder Thing
Yeah it is a great setting. I was very disappointed that Sasquatch made no effort to support it beyond the initial release. I don’t even think that studio is around anymore.
I don't think so either. I actually reached out to Rick Baker years ago with an idea for a Primeval Thule supplement - and possibly a supplement series - but he politely declined. They were focused on Alternity at the time, and it looks like they never made it back to Thule. Which is a damn shame.



Is "Aeltatis" spelled rightly? I couldn't find it.

Isn't Theros by WotC?

Is "Wildjammer" really a 5ed setting?

Dark Energy?

I couldn't find "City of Crescent" as a RPG setting.

Storm Bunny Studios is a good example of 3PP what could sell more if they had more promotion.

Blackstorm Realms, by JetPack7, is one of the best examples of 3PPs with awesome ideas what shouldn't fall in the oblivion.
1. Aetaltis: They do Aetaltis stuff, really good with alternative magic rules. DriveThruRPG.com - Mechanical Muse - The Largest RPG Download Store!

2. Wildjammer. It uses the Mega-Damage / Creatures/ Magic rules from Dark Matter. Wildjammer: More Adventures in Space | Foundry Virtual Tabletop

3. Waiting for my pdf of Blackstorm Realms atm, I used the pledge manager.
City of the crescent is a Kickstarter project (setting + campaign) that should be released quite soon. Based on the 18th Century Ottoman Empire, written by a Turkish development team.

Iron Kingdoms would be really interesting and distinct, though I suspect the very top-heavy small-legs look of the war jacks, and the ludicrously bulky armour, would be difficult to render convincingly in a live-action medium.

I have my copy and I like it. There is a follow up book for KS Silk Road.



On other 3PP stuff - Black Sword, conan type setting.

Lost Lights is roughly based on Persian mythology. A mate has his copy, but I dont have mine yet, so will likely send a message in a week or so if nothing is received.

Redsky is a scifi supplement on KS

Hereafter: You died essentially and went somewhere else.
Kisarta: Same as above, but this is more akin to limbo.

Aeres: Anthro type game.
Grim Hollow
Svillant: Norse setting
Nightfell: Reminiscent of of Ravnica.
Farland: Tolkien but they lost.
Eren: Some good additions to the game.
Black Iron: Conan type setting again. Realm gates exploded.
Advent Horizon: More hard scifi type game
Spaceships and Starwyrsm is fun and would fit into Esper Genesis and Dark Matter.
Travellers Guide to the Cosmos is a community content and pretty good. Requires some tinkering with DnD cosmology, as it adheres more to Marvel & M&M with cosmic beings.

Tales of Arcana: this is just about the very best 3PP product out there. It is just sooo much fun, with players able to play Transformers transforming cars, Muppets Puppets, fictional characters, fables, and all kinds of amazing stuff. The cosmology is a breath of fresh air, totally removing current one.

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