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What are you Reading? August August 2019 edition


I finished the "Strain" trilogy with The Night Eternal; it was a good wrap-up to the series and had an interesting, pathological take on vampires that still gave them some credible mythological elements. Overall, a good read.

I'm now halfway through Taken by Chris Jordan, which has nothing to do with the movie series of the same name other than it deals with kidnapped children. The protagonist is a young widow whose 11-year-old son gets kidnapped and her dealing with the brutal kidnappers. It's definitely holding my interest.

Absolutely! Even though the Hiero series is in Appendix N, it’s a total ur-text for Gamma World.

The Unforsaken Hiero is the most Gamma World-y novel I've ever read. I remember enjoying it back in high school (which is also when I last played Gamma World on a regular basis).

I read Dancing With a Porcupine, by Jennie Owens last night. If anybody you know is involved in foster care, you must read this book.

After that, I switched back to easy fluff: Jayne Castle's Harmony books. My brain needs to recover a bit before reading something else that's a bit heavy -- especially with school starting back up next week.
Jared Diamond's Collapse; pretty neat from a world building perspective. Just finished Florida by Laura Groff. Incredible short stories with haunting writing. Her analogies for building a setting (for use in gaming) is close to brilliant.