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What Are Your Unique Items?


a version of Four Voices you can hit people with. The Shield based fighter loves it the rest of the party thinks its creepy. mission accomplished.

Shield of Teeth:
This round wooden shield has a large copper stud in the middle. Smaller studs form a ring around it. The ring of studs becomes a ring of eyes, an when the daily power is used the stud rolls back revealing a toothed maw.

Property: +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage, with attacks that require a shield.
Critical : Target is dazed till end of your next turn.
Daily: (free) when you hit with an attack that requires a shield. +1d8 damage and the target is immobilized until you are no longer adjacent. (The central mouth bites them, and holds on.)

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Some magic items from my recent games...

"Urun'thiel" , a high elven memory orb which could modify and even erase memories of willing or helpless creatures; with the caveat that it required an Arcana check with scaling difficulty according to the memory change/wipe attempted, and backlash on a failed check. Eladrin/high elves used it to soothe the pain of traumatic memories over the span of their long lives.

Magic Vistani Kobza , a lyre type instrument which allowed a bard to subtly cast deception rituals and non-combat spells during a performance.

Head of the Old King, a talking somewhat oracular severed head of a LN(E) king who constantly advised laying the smack down on enemies of the kingdom. The head also acted as a familiar briefly.

Scroll of Summon Censor Mephits, a gag from a planescape game which cursed a target to be hounded by censor mephits which *bleep* out any foul language.

And my personal favorite, not really a magical item...

Blackmail documents, which gave a circumstantial +10 bonus to a social skill check against the target, or could be used up during a trial to secure a conviction.

Fantastic! I love the Head of the Old King... Use similar 'items' for a specific culture in one of my games. Though really, talking heads should be a once in a lifetime thing...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-io-kZKl_BI]TALKING HEADS once in a lifetime - YouTube[/ame]

Sorry, I couldn't resist :).



back in the days when I ran a bunch of pseudo-African adventures, I made a lot of stuff unique to the campaign area. One of the most useful was the Ring of the Northerner, which made it possible to wear heavy armor comfortably in the tropical heat, and also made the wearer immune to jungle fever and the other various nasty diseases that I developed. IIRC, the guy who got it, playing a fighter, was damn pleased that he could wear his plate mail again...


Great thread.

I have always preferred magic items generated by character action. The eye of a foe becoming enchanted on his death etc. Some recent favorites...

Shackles of Power - The mage of the party had been caught doing bad things by the city guard and pilloried for a time. The guard had these handcuffs that turned any magic the mage tried to use back on himself. He tried to break free. And tried. Came close to killing himself a few times. After a time of not being rescued or having his bond paid by his fellow party members he was eventually put up for auction as a slave to help pay for the his debts. Sadly, the forces of Chaos interrupted the bidding. During the action the mage managed to escape by having the chain broken. I ruled they had been empowered by his very persistent attempts to overwhelm them and where now empowering certain spells with more damage and some push back effects. He never even tried to take the shackles off.

Haunted Bag of Holding - The same mage had kidnapped a baby along with his wet nurse and kept them both in a bag of holding. Seems the air went short one busy day and the wetnurse died while in a bag of holding. Fast forward several sessions and the mage is tossed in the bag after a rough fight to ensure he survived. Little did the party know the ghost of the wet nurse awaited him. When the party finally pulled him out of the bag they found him unconscious and with more broken bones than they recalled. From that day forward the mage was terrified to even open the bag afraid the wet nurse would drag him in and never let go.


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I have two artifacts that i introduce into just about every campaign i run, i stole the idea from my first DM that put the pieces there but never really expanded on them

The Sword of Alpha, and the Sword of Omega, meaning in this case "the beginning and the end"

The swords are meant to be both found and put together into a double sword, I never really designed powers for what the combination would do, but i figured it would have something to do with a higher killing blow chance. however my players never really looked for them so, hopefully someday they will get an interest in them.

Hand of Evil

Shadow Cloak (Artemis Crow) - A intelligent cloak that acts much like Spawns, provides spider climb, an attack (entangle or a ranged attack), hide in shadows and darkvision. Cloak is trying to find a way to lift the curse placed on it by an evil DM (mean daemon).

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