D&D (2024) What creatures from existing sources besides MM, do you want to see updated for MM24?

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If WotC needs to pad things out more, I would rather they make more variants of existing monsters (more types of goblins, more types of orcs, more types of giants of each type, etc.), similar to @Nixlord's excellent Monster Manual Expanded series, than to give me a bunch of weirdos I won't use.
That's what we do know they are putting into the '24 MM: specifically they used the examples of the Lich and Vampire, creating variants similar to Dragon Age categories, so you can have a weak vampire or wet behind the ears Lich at low Levels.

We also know that they intend to have each of the 14 Creature Types represented across all the Levels, so you can always provide an Ooze or Beast if you need to.

200 new stat blocks, apparently, so should be a doozy of a book.

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