D&D 5E [+]What does your "complex fighter" look like?

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5 extra feet to both.

Whatever the case, I'd really like if the mechanics conveyed that fighting isn't just dumbly swinging a big stick, but that it requires intelligence, cunning and guile. Basically that instead of just spending a superiority dice you have to actively engage with the fight and environments.

Another idea I just had is a system where, when you have advantage, you can inflict a minor status ailment (say, you Slow the enemy until the end of your next turn) in addition to damage, but when you attack a target who is already suffering from a specific minor status, you can then inflict a much more serious affliction (say, if their attack currently has a penalty, your hit basically drops their speed to 0 for a while).

Basically, by having different riders trigger other riders on a different technique, you can combo your own hits. And if you have a partner who can also provide status, you might be able to just skip to your more dire attacks.
The old UA weapon feats had effects that occurred when you have advantage and hit on both dice. That would still require advantage, but be a compromise between the ease of just needing advantage, and the rarity of needing a crit to get the special effect.

As you say, this would need additional ways to get advantage or otherwise trigger your special effects.

. . . this would have the incidental effect of reducing the power of the Sharpshooter and Great Weapon Master feats, since hitting, even with advantage becomes much more important so the penalty hurts more.


Firstly, I very much like the Battle master and Champion. Especially the Battle master with Sentinel as a feat really gets quite a lot of nice tricks that add a lot of value to combat. So, I am also happy if nothing changes.

Here's just some random ideas to join in the thread. Not sure these should be subclasses, or split up into some feats.

  • A real defensive specialist. Like a Shield Dwarf kinda build. Super tanky, really difficult to hit, maybe a penalty on movement, no great offense, which can always grant defensive bonuses to other PCs (e.g. cover, disadvantage or something similar). A real team player. Maybe with added siege bonuses too.
  • A bonus on kicking in doors or opening chests. Rogues will always be the #1 choice for that job, but fighters and barbarians should both achieve the same effect as the Knock spell through pure violence.
Fighter: "I cast counterspell on the Wizard
DM: "You don't have that ability"
Fighter:"Me and my sword hand disagree."

As for the defensive specialist, this could be problematic - a slow, hard-to-hit, low-damage dealing entity could undesirably drag out the length of a combat. I like the trope, it's a classic - but it may cause game problems if not done correctly.

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