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What happened to Izmir?

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First Post
Most of the food, the trade, the economy, and so on, was all enabled by the mages.

Then, at the end of the first movie, the Queen declared that mages and commoners were now equal.

A month later, the commoners went to the mages. "We're running out of food," they said. "Trade is drying up, the economy is tanking. Why aren't you doing anything?"

"You're our equals now," replied the mages with a shrug. "You fix it."

But they never did.


This is the greatest post of all time.


For anyone interested in Izmer, or Greyhawk, there’s a recent post on Anna Meyer’s Flannaess Geographic group on Facebook. It’s a map of the full continent of Oerik, of which the Flanaess is a subcontinent, where the only other inhabited place, at the opposite end, is the Empire of the Izmer. In between are only wastes, like the Sea of Dust. To me, it makes a lot of sense for both settings.

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