Level Up (A5E) What Interests You about "Level Up"?


there are some abilities that impose disadvantage on a roll that can't be negated by advantage (i.e. even if you have advantage you still roll twice and take the lower result). that's what i was referring to.
You able to point to any of them? I honestly can't remember anything that does that

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Limit Break Dancing
What's your way in? Is there something that makes you say "wow! this is a big departure from or enhancement to 5e."? In short, I'm looking for that "killer app" to excite me about Level Up.
[Note: I'm not making any of these comments to criticize the designers and writers. I'm honestly curious about the hook of the product.]
I can't speak for everyone, but my short answer to that question: there isn't. A lot of us who backed the Kickstarter were looking for small elements to add to their existing 5E game. We weren't looking for anything resembling a "big departure." If my campaign were a cheesy pot of fondue, I was looking for a pinch of paprika, not a pound of wasabi. And Level-Up gets me pretty close...it's more like a heaping spoonful of cayenne. ;-)

Well, if nothing else, "it's not different enough!" is certainly a change from people saying "it's too different!"
Agreed. There's just no pleasing some people, amirite?


I love the character creation rules and the journey rules, especially the tasks and discoveries. And the weapon and armour tables are way more interesting.

I'm also appreciating how well laid out everything is. The game is very well explained, so despite the "advanced" in the title, I think it's pretty newbie friendly.

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