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What is A Mountain?

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The mountains in the UK are quite dinky, but I have been up quite a few that are bigger than that, and I am no mountaineer.
I once heard about an The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain.

I lived in Colorado Springs for a number of years, and I could see Pikes Peak out of every bedroom window I had. Pikes Peak is 14,115 feet above sea level with a prominence of 5,330 feet or 1,690 non-moon landing units to my European friends. I've been to the top, you used to be able to take a train, and it's cold and the oxygen is very low. It's hard to light a fire up there.

When I moved to Arkansas, my wife, a native, mentioned something about the Ozark Mountains as we were driving through them. I kept joking with her that Arkansas has no mountains. In truth, the difference between a mountain and a hill depends on how much walking I have to do.


I live near one of the most climbed mountains in the USA, Mt Monadnock which is 3,166ft. It is about an hour outside of Boston in the southern part of New Hampshire. There are plenty higher mountains in the area, but this one is easy to get to and easy to climb. I would have thought that Icespire Peak was a lot higher.

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Distracted DM

Distracted DM
This has been super interesting- mountains really are relative, eh? The highest I've seen are when I drive through/past the hills/mountains in upstate New York- the highest the Catskills go are ~~4200ft. I always thought of "mountains" as really tall, sharp things and called the stuff upstate big hills :)


What makes a mountain easy or difficult isn't just the height, but also the slope and surface of the sides.

That's why I said to you. I grew up within visual range of the Southern Alps. They top out at 3700 meters. Sunday drive sort of thing to see the biggest one.

Technically we have mountains around my city but to me they're hills.

Ice Spire Peak is depicted as ice covered but those are really only the biggest ones. At first glance my brain registered 2500 meters derp.

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