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D&D 5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

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Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
I'm asking this because I'm trying to fully understand your particular opinion...not because I'm going to do a gotcha...

Can you give me a couple/few concrete examples of why you feel a FR campaign can't be as serious as a Core 4 campaign because it has a lot of races.

Well, some opinions and preferences are just that. Opinions and preferences. I can try to explain, but people also tend to simply justify their opinions after the fact. Also, I feel like I have to dance around because no matter what I say someone will take offense because I simply have a different preference even though it's not a reflection on anyone else. :confused:

Anyway, for me? It's just a question of how many races can have a large enough population and regional control to sustain themselves long term. There are many reasons we don't have neanderthal, denosovian's or homo floresiensis running around any more. If a species is adaptable enough to be a playable race, they'll compete with other adaptable races. Competition for the same resources doesn't generally lead to a lot of diversity in the long term. Add in at least a few "monstrous" humanoids and it's even worse.

For that matter, it could be any subset of races as long as it's a fairly low number. It doesn't have to be the "core 4". I think even having 2 intelligent, reasonably technologically advanced species on a planet would be highly unusual.

The other aspect is that I don't see a lot of added value for the extra details I need to carry around in my head. I have a picture of the "core" races, they fit a variety of roles from a narrative perspective. They have history, cultural preferences, general personality traits. An elf "feels" different than a dwarf. With too many races it just becomes a gray morass of races that have little to differentiate them other than mechanical benefits and their costume.

I know, I know. Fantasy and magic can justify all. Doesn't change anything because it's all just like my opinion, man. One that seems to be shared by quite a few people I've played with.

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Mod Squad
Staff member
Nah, I just don't go looking to be offended.

Mod note:
If this thread weren't already moribund, that kind of thing might well have gotten you removed from the thread.

This discussion is really wallowing in itself at this point, and the built up interpersonal annoyances are showing. Time to let it rest, I think.

Thread closed.

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