D&D General What is the most ludicrous multiclassed monstrosity that you've actually played?


And not just multiclass, but thematically weird or mechanically convoluted in general.

For my part, I still have a soft spot for a goblin cabin boy named Terrence Gilliam back in 3.5. He was a master at pistol-based ranged sneak attacks while mounted. And from a thematic standpoint, sapping Henry VIII over the back of the head before riding off on a mastiff while dressed like Batman remains one of my fondest gaming memories.

What about you though? Share your most insane character concept! What ludicrous shenanigans have you pulled off at the table? What multiclassed monstrosities have you got lurking in your “build ideas” folder? Give us all those half-dragon half-vampire half-angels down in the comments!

(Comic for illustrative purposes.)

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I did have a pathfinder (first edition) character that was a Paladin/Monk/Oracle/Ninja/Champion of Irori.

As far as NPCs were concerned, he was a paladin.

Nowadays I might try to add some Warrior Poet levels as well, to add Charisma to AC twice


Barbarian/Fighter/Hexblade/Frenzied Berserker from 3E. I wanted to go into Frenzied Berserker, but there was no benefit in staying in Barbarian for more than 2 levels, so I switched to Fighter, then Hexblade, as they were the optimal 2 class levels. Storywise, he was a rage filled killing machine from the beginning, so the classes themselves really didn't matter.

Pathfinder 1st is ripe for having 4 or 5 classes, so have done that a few times.

I think in 1st AD&D always played M/C. As chance were you were gonna die may as well have as much fun doing it with those fighter/ magic user/ clerics.

My only 5th M/C is a hexblade/fighter. Too many bonus actions!


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Maybe my first 3E character, who was a Sorcerer/Fighter/Knight of the Great Kingdom/Paladin. That was a little ridiculous.


Follower of the Way
Do gestalts count?

If so, then my 3.PF epic-level Druid/Planar Shepherd/High Proselytizer|Wizard/Geomancer/Archmage/Cosmic Descryer probably qualifies.

I've also applied for some much, much crazier things. Most franken-build I've ever gotten was doing some genuinely mind-bending layering of different PrCs to maximize caster level while minimizing loss of Bardic Inspiration progression (Crusader, Bard, Spellsword, Lyric Thaumaturge, Jade Phoenix Mage, Sublime Chord) and, on the other side, Cloistered Cleric, Ruby Knight Vindicator, and Knight of the Raven (a terribly overlooked and underrated Cleric PrC that gives you a crazy flavorful pseudo-Paladin.)

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