D&D General What is the most ludicrous multiclassed monstrosity that you've actually played?

James Gasik

Back in 2e after the Complete Bard's HB was released it allowed Bards to multiclass properly. I created a half-elven Ranger/Bard that truly could do pretty much anything to some extent. The ranger class gave access to wilderness abilities, limited druid spells, fighter combat abilities, and the Move Silently and Hide in Shadows thief abilities. Bard gave wizard spells, the Climb Walls, Detect Noise, Pick Pockets, and Read Languages thief abilities (so the only thing I couldn't do was Pick Locks and Disable Traps), and a great suite of social and support options. I was the 6th member of a well rounded group (A Dwarf Fighter/Cleric, Human Mage, Elven Priest, Human Fighter, and a Gnome Thief). We ended up going through the Temple of Elemental Evil, the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and a few home brewed adventures.
"Multiclass properly" is subject to debate, or so I was told when I played my Gnome Illusionist/Professor.

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lol. That 'democracy in action' line freaking slayed me for some reason. Was there an election in the episode, or is it just a straight up non sequitur?

There's no election, it's more of a non sequitur. There's a bit of a class dynamic between the two groups of vampires and werewolves, but the joke is more that they're all turning into the same thing.

The Real Ghostbusters introduced me to the Cthulhu Mythos, and had a couple of episodes written by J. Michael Straczynski--I suspect it's an underappreciated influence on nerd culture.

In terms of official content, someone ought to give a shout-out to early oWoD's Samuel Haight, a Kinfolk Skin Dancer (quasi-werewolf who kills werewolves to gain changing ability) ex-ghoul (mortal drinking Vampire blood) Mage... who eventually got Soulforged into an ashtray (Wraith).

James Gasik

Ah yes, Skinner, who was single handedly responsible for a shift in how they wrote the games, so you couldn't be a Kinfolk Kinain Ghoul Gypsy Cyborg Mummy Mage with 19 points of Demonic Investments...no wait, maybe you could...

Well at least you can't be a Vampire Werewolf! Er...

Well something that was broken was assuredly written out as an option, I'm positive!

the Jester

Currently playing a storm cleric 3/diviner wizard 3/fighter 1. I guess some folks would consider it a monstrosity because it's so MAD.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
1e multiclassing with 3 classes was a slow growth rate - elven fighter/magic-user/thief.
But the most convoluted was a 1e bard with the weird dual classing - fighter 7, thief 8, bard 14. Truckloads of hit points.


Oh wow I forgot about those... we playtested it only 1 time (then 1 DM let a player make the dumbest one ever in a later high level campaign when there power house character died)
I don't remebmer all 6 characters in playtest game but I was a Warlock/Spelltheif and we made it to like 7ish level I think I know we had a Warblade/Wizard as well. I can't remember what our cleric gestalted with at all...

dumbe one... we were level 19 and in the end game when our wizard/loremaster/arcmage died to a single failed save... his new character was a gestalt/multiclassed swordsage/rogue 12 wizard/cleric 3 mystictheurg/master of nine 4 but he came in with a +6 holy defender short sword and a +5 flaming burst icyburst keen defender short sword... BUT he was a hobgoblin and rolled like the worst stats ever... even when we gave his character someones belt of Magnificence +4 (since they took his old characters +6 one that was also a belt of battle and a belt of healing) only his wis hit 20 and most of his stats were lower then everyone elses...

edit... maybe it didn't hit 20 with the belt, maybe it hit 19 and one of us wished him a 20 in game...so long ago but trying to remember. the mystic thuerge/master of 9 part is fresh in my mind...as were the two broken swords that didn't really overpower him in a game full of casters...

edit 2 we were all throwing around 7th or higher (more then half of us 9th) level spells at that point so his character even gestalt was WAY less OP then us and we DID hit epic but only for 1 level (campaign ended at 21st...technicly at end DM SAID we would have just hit 22nd so some people updated for there dead character folders)
Gestalt works, but it needs some limitation.

Pick your two classes, no further multiclassing, no prestige classing.

For a 2 Level Max challenge I made a Moon 2/Bladesinger 2/Barbarian 2.
So I was a Raging, Bladesinging, Dire Wolf who would howl during battle for the roleplay aspect of Bladesinging. :cool:

Obligatory mention of the Abserd build here from Puffin Forest.

Craziest actual character I've played in 5e was a gestalt artificer / battle chef (a homebrew class we found online). The character was entirely focused around cooking. I was mostly an alchemist build artificer but it was heavily altered. His gimmick was being obsessed with cooking pies and pastries, and had a mechanic where he not only fought with cookware (eventually a flame tongue frying pan) and made a bunch of daily healing items called Morsels which were basically free healing potions.

It wasn't exactly a damage king build or anything, especially with a party of other gestalt characters, but it was an insanely versatile support build. I themed all my spells around food, like faerie fire was a sack of flour, burning hands was eating a hot chili pepper, etc., and he had a pet homunculus named Blueberry.

The idea we were going for from the game was we were isekai'd / stuck in an MMO game, and our characters were the in game character avatars for us. One of us played a min-maxing power gamer, another a hardcore "roleplayer" that rarely broke character, and my chef was the weird kid with a sh%&&y internet connection who was obsessed with all the random useless in game side professions (like pets, fishing, and cooking) and had somehow savanted his way into a build that would never be recommended by any optimization guide but somehow provided amazing raid buffs. He was tolerated despite his tendency to lag or accidentally stand in the fire during boss fights because the food buffs were "Party bound" and amazing enough to compensate for them raiding and carrying his ass, and his cafe/coffee shop was a solid money maker for the guild. T'was a fun character.


The one from 5E that most people balk at, but really should not is a religious archer/assassin. A tiefling descended from Glasya (Daughter of Asmodeus and a Lord/Lady of the 9 Hells), Myska Urge began her career as a ranger hunting in the underdark, but she preached about how her ancestor, Asmodeus, was a necessary evil and should be praised for his efforts in fighting the Blood War. She delved out Asmodeus' 'justice' from a great distance and became one of his most feared enforcers in the Mortal World.

Her build? 5 classes.

Glasya Tielfling Courtier: Gloomstalker Ranger 5, Cleric of Order 1, Divine Soul Sorcerer 5, Battlemaster Fighter 4, Assassin Rogue 3, Divine Soul Sorcerer 3 more (to 20).

She began as an archer, then spent levels 6 to 11 focusing on her faith towards Lord Asmodeus, and then levels 12 to 20 (while still faithful to Asmodeus) focused on making her better as an Alpha Strike Assassin. She retired from adventuring and founded a school that trained mortals to serve Asmodeus' goals in the Prime, and then travel and fight in the Blood War.

I enjoyed her so much that I am 'rerunning' her in a second campaign. This is the only 5E PC that reached high levels that I have decided to 'rerun' - although the 2nd game may have, unfortunately, stalled out.


Back in 3.5 I somehow used a changeling specific rogue PrC to qualify for mystic the urge Arcane+divine prc & took levels in it without ever first taking caster class levels. I forget the specifics aside from maybe the changing prc letting you learn a spell at a couple of points


Back in 3.5 I somehow used a changeling specific rogue PrC to qualify for mystic the urge Arcane+divine prc & took levels in it without ever first taking caster class levels. I forget the specifics aside from maybe the changing prc letting you learn a spell at a couple of points
I feel like answering this question with 3.5 is the correct strat. Good show. :D


Jedi Master
Drixel Habblepox - Forest Gnome, started as a Wild Magic Sorcerer (5) before making a Fey Warlock (5) pact with an insane Greater Fey named Bah Mistal and eventually decided to become a Glamour Bard (3) when he and the party took over a carnival. Also took the Tavern Brawler feat because he was always getting into trouble with his mouth in bars and had found a Belt of Hill Giant Strength in a treasure horde.


Rotten DM
Ninja in 1e used the fighter xp chart and d12 as hit dice. He was FAT. Fighter Assassin Thief Had all the abilities and none of the drawbacks of those classes. 1/2 round up Wizard. 1/2 round down as Illusionist. Could not use Illusion spells to cause damage.


3E was made for multi-classing.

I remember conjuring a Fighter / Rogue / Royal Herald / some other PrC that advanced spellcasting - I called him the accidental archmage.

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