D&D General [+] What is your favorite non-WotC D&D setting?


I3th Age's Dragon Empire is awesome. I also like Kobold Press' Midgard, Dolmenwood for OSE and the historical/fantasy of Beowulf from Hamdiwork games. Speaking of Anglo Saxon, Kevin Crawford's Wolves of God is a cool little game, with the conceit that it's an actual role playing game found from the period. So fun to read.

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If we're talking D&D settings specifically? I love world(s?) hosting War of the Burning Sky and Zeitgeist (my usual plug when questions like that come up).

Outside of D&D I'm totally in love with the setting of WFRP and the Germany-developed RP The Dark Eye.


When I first heard about Dark Sun, I assumed it would be what Primeval Thule actually is. I haven't had a chance to run it, but the pulp Conan and Elder Gods feel has always attracted me. Thewy barbarians, scantily clad servant girls, Atlantian magical tech, and eldritch horrors. It's probably not very PC, but if your crowd doesn't mind, it looks hella fun.


Ptolus. A big ascended paladin henotheistic theocratic empire that is descending into civil war as it decays and city states splinter off.

A big splintered LG paladin church with tons of saints contrasted with lots of local pantheons allows a vaguely medieval church structure down to having lore relevant inquisitions in the past, plus lots of room for D&D style polytheisms in the local old gods.

Having a big corrupt empire civil war gives a good excuse for powerful people to be focused on the war leaving many problems for PCs to be the logical go to heroes.

I don't really care for the slavery or trapped cosmology aspects, but the parts of the setting I do like have really inspired me.

I have used parts of Ptolus, as well as Golarion and Freeport and Midgard and SpirosBlaak, and Eberron and Warhammer as parts of my homebrew mashup setting for years.


The OP doesn’t specifically state that the setting must be published, so shout out to @Steampunkette ’s Sins of the Scorpion Age setting, large chunks of which have been shared on these forums. It’s a beautiful word, influenced by (among other things) Mesopotamian culture and sprinklings of Scythian and pre-Celtic mythology. Swords and Sorcery re-imagined in an inclusive style by a talented writer. It’s superb.

I'm biased, so my setting Scavenger is my favorite :p But so as to not be cheeky, I do very much like Midgard (by Kobold Press), Dragongrin (by Absolute Tabletop), Crifoth (by Dice on Ice Publishing), and Symbaroum (ruins of symbar is 5E, so counts!!).

Probably Middle Earth. I played a lot of MERP back in the day and, although not the most streamlined system, had a bunch of fun with it. I haven't played The One Ring, but I hear that it's amazing. I have played a few short adventures in Adventures in Middle Earth and think it is a serviceable conversion to 5e.

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