D&D 5E What kind of adventure would you like to run/play? (quick poll)

What kind of adventure would you like to run/play?

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Swords against tentacles!
Doing some market research by posting a quick poll... what kind of adventure would you (most) like to run or play in? Add comments below if you like!

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None jumped out at me, but went with the desert theme. There could be some good stuff with an oasis and some tombs. Maybe a hidden valley like in the Scorpion King movie.


A suffusion of yellow
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar jumped out at me

although Conan and his Afghuli tribesman could be interesting too

Theo R Cwithin

I cast "Baconstorm!"
I chose the third one because, of the three, it's the trope least familiar to me among (gaming) adventures I've ever run/played/read. I've experienced a fair number of lost jungle civilizations and desert temples, but not so many abandoned cyclopean cities.

I think all 3 are really cool ideas. I voted for no. 3 though because I think there is the scope to do something really cool in that design space with a dungeon sized to Huge inhabitants rather than Medium inhabitants.
PCs could be ambushed by monsters lying flat on a table 3x normal size. Opening doors require Athletic checks, etc.


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I went with #3 as well for the reasons put forth by @FrozenNorth. You have opportunity for a more alien, unique exploration (drawing a blank on the adventure name, but ran a published Paizo module years ago dealing with a flying town that no longer functioned; party found one piece of the advanced tech to make it fly again and future adventures could be made up by the DM to find the rest...who doesn't want their own flying city??).

#1 and #2 I feel like I've run before.


OK since we have to choose one.....

I ended up voting for #3 as it's bang-on for the type of adventures I typically like to run utilizing Xen'Drik from Eberron ( which is exactly that- ancient advanced Giant culture).


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Most of these feel a bit cliche.

I picked the first as the least overdone. It's always apes in jungles, but at least it's not a standard European terrain.

The desert was the most interesting part, the cult is a standard trope.

Future-Tech-in-D&D has a long half-life, just a little bit of it is enough for a whole campaign. (Unless the whole campaign is about it.)


Lord of the Hidden Layer
#2 could be written to feel like Dark Sun or Ancient Egypt or Lawrence of Arabia.
For variety, perhaps Navaho / Pueblo peoples seeking -McGuffin- left behind in some Anasazi ruin?

I've done #1 several times; although with not-intelligent apes (based it loosely on Michael Chrichton's 'Congo" novel). And with evil dwarves, a mad elephant-ish demi-god, prehistoric lizard archmages, dimensionally lost Romans, and other assorted oddities. I was always a sucker for 'lost city in the jungle' stories...

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