D&D 5E What Level(s) Are Your Character(s)?

What Level(s) Are Your Character(s)?

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  • 3rd Level

  • 4th Level

  • 5th Level

  • 6th Level

  • 7th Level

  • 8th Level

  • 9th Level

  • 10th Level

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  • 13th Level

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  • 20th Level

  • An UnExPeCtEd and uNiQuE answer!

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Limit Break Dancing
I'm curious about the levels that everyone is currently sitting at.

So this poll is easy enough: in your current 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game, what level is your character at right now?
If you play more than one character, in one or more different 5E D&D games, check all that apply.
If you're a DM, check off the level(s) of the PCs in your current game.

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Great Old One
I currently have (in addition to so many retired characters that I can't count them) a 7th level thylean siren half-goddess Paladin, a 2nd level Na'saqwu Tiefling Bard and a 10th Level Halfling Warlock+Sorcerer (it's two characters in one).


Went for DMing PC levels.
Odyssey of the Dragonlords - 4
Barrowmaze - 4, 5
Faerun Adventures - 5, 6, 7, 8
Primeval Thule - 17

I'm playing a 1 (BFRPG) & a 4

Our group is currently at 6th, 7th and 8th level with the average being 7th. We started the campaign late Sept/early Oct 2020. Standard classes and races from the PHB and a few odds and ends from XGtrE and TCoE.


Likewise, I'm not running 5E so I didn't vote, but I'm DMing a 3.5 group that's about to hit 6th level and am a player in a different 3.5 campaign where we're all 17th level. (And I already have my 1st-level PC built for the campaign that will come after that one.)


I've been DM:ing a campaign weekly since march last year, and the characters are lvl 9.

The players are amazing with a focus on roleplaying and social pillar with lots of intrigue. They have just found a Spelljammer helm, met with a representative for The Arcane, and converted a galleon from Waterdeep navy for jammin'. They have a level or two left on Toril resolve, then off to Braals Rock it is, to hopefully save Realmspace from undead Illithids and their unknown masters!

Much fun is had, so I hope we can take this all the way to lvl 20.


Currently 7th level Monk, 10th level Bard/Warlock, 20th level Cleric/Rogue/Wizard

and for the 1st Unexpected and Unique answer.... a 0th Level Operative (City Watch basically) for use in our Prologue level variant. :D


Morkus from Orkus
I DM more than I play and the group I'm currently DMing for is 8th level. My games typically top out at 16th-20th level.


Pontius Pilateson, Roman-Viking cleric of YHWH is 7th level (Labyrinth Lord).

And he'll die or retire that way because we're starting the climactic battle for Fake Medieval Iceland tonight. BTW, his retirement plans include piracy.

Edit: whoops, forgot about Kropotkin, hobgoblin expert 1/ranger 4/cleric 4/wizard 1/spirit of mercy 2 (prestige class)... so 12th? It's hard to say, this is a heavily-modified 3.5E campaign!
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Current groups I'm DMing
4th level all non-demi-humans in a Dying Earth meets B1-B2-X2 game
10th level for some middle schoolers in a pretty classic game

Currently playing
5th level former cleric turned bard dealing with the aftermath of all the gods dying
8th level (possibly retired) cleric turned brewmaster in the same world, who got to see all the gods die (hasn't met the 5th level group)

Level Up!

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