D&D (2024) What the 1e-2e Transition Can Tell Us About 5.5e

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5ever, or until 2024
That's his point though: like a lot if people, I bought Monsters of the Multiverse in spite if having Volos and ToF already, and every PC option they updated to 1D&D rules in Multiverse.
Is that his point?? Or my point? 1D&D can certainly replace 2014 books if it is good enough. Early signs are unclear.

But just making something compatible, as 2e was with 1e, does not by itself ensure success.


I came to AD&D in 89/90 so it was 2e in full swing. Hungary being former Soviet Block, anything from the USA was hard to get.
There were some 1e books around thus we could glimpse some of the changes. We always thought that the main reason for the edition change was option (d): catering to the too conservative people's craze about certain names.
And I see the same pattern here as well. Most of the more profound changes are because now the company wants to cater to the very (too) liberal's taste. And for me that is a problem. I won't be opposed to system evolution, just don't let politics dictate the direction.

Looking at RPGs in a boarder perspective, edition changes are either minor incremental updates or big changes all the time. CoC - as far as I understand it - is more of an incremental change. I think we began to play around 4th or 5th edition, and only our GM (Keeper) knows the rules anyway. In Ars Magica, even the setting changed between editions (but the core of the engine and the board strokes of the magic system feels the same, at least in the 3-4-5 editions). And Star Wars, which I know is more of an intellectual property than an RPG setting, changes RPG system much too often (I played considerable amount during the d6 era, and some in the d20 era). So I'm fine with bigger and smaller changes too. Now I would not mind some bigger changes, thus a proper 6e.


Rotten DM
Nice write up. 2E change enough fitty bits in rules that most of my group were still looking up the 2E rules in 1999 because most of us knew the 1E rules by heart and head. We still used the 1E names for monsters. And it was a money grab.
Especially when the splat books came out.


Bah. Acronyms need to die in a fire. There are too many of them! My first thought was, "Who brought up Masters of Magic and why?" So then I looked at what people who have me blocked had to say and figured it out. :p
I hate the overreliance on acronyms and usually don't care enough to bother to look them up. I just assume the people who use ones I don't know passed out drunk and randomly hit a bunch of keys when their face hit the keyboard.

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