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What was your first module?


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Frukathka said:
I honestly can't remember the name of it. :uhoh:

No idea!

I was 9 the summer I finally bugged my brothers enough to let me play... my eldest brother had been running the campaign as far back as I could remember.

My first character was a Hobbit named Vin.

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I honestly cannot remember what the first module I played was. I know the first module I ran was B4 The Lost City (still a favourite).


Clangador said:
What was the first module you ever went thru?

Mine was B1 In Search of the Unknown.

This was my first full adventure I ran. My first adventure was the mini-adventure in the Holmes Basic set rulebook.

I'm not 100% sure about the first adventure I played through, although I do know it was Judges Guild. I think it was Mines of Custalcon. However, I still have the player's map of Tegel Manor (with only 1 room mapped).


Another one for Keep on the Borderlands. We made 5 wizards, proceeded straight to the caves and got eaten by stirges.

I STILL hate those things. :)


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A'koss said:
Oh, you think that's bad? Our first module was B2... and not knowing any better we attacked the Keep.

Guess how well that went.

"You see a guard with 2 gold pieces."

"I attack him with my longsword."

Damn, you attacked the keep? Perhaps your DM should have said something about that not being normal behavior.

Deuce Traveler

The Veiled Society. The elf at the end, Estaish (sp?) became a PC and eventually reached the black boxed set. I don't remember much else except that I thought it sucked that I had to have my weapons bound in the city, while the veiled society ambushed me at night.

The other one I played was Ghost of Lion Castle. It was meant as a solo adventure, but I'm not sure how a level 1 to 3 magic-using character is supposed to survive in a place where lions can be a random encounter.

After that I played Castle Caldwell and Beyond, and enjoyed that the most.

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