What will be your next campaign?


My next creation will be a second Modern AGE campaign. The current one that takes place in 1910 with only two players, which is a fun format that I don't want to change - we play very irregularly. The new M-AGE campaign, with my four D&D players, will take place at the beginning of the 70s. The characters would probably be the grand children of the 1910 characters. I will use the official Threefold campaign setting to run a multi-verse and alternate Earths storyline.

What are you working on?


We just play 5e in my group. My next campaign is going to be the Essentials box set in Phandalin. It will be the 4th campaign I have run there since 5e came out. Not sure if this will be a summer game with my son or the next game for the normal group.


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The main game I run is 5e. I run other systems as one shots. I've gone all in on Frog God Game's Lost Lands setting and am currently running Rappan Athuk. We could be playing this for several years.

A campaign that I would like to run, and may run would be set in my homebrew world, which I've set aside for a few years. The setting is one where arcane magic has long been outlawed, suppressed, and is rare. I've been planning to run an all-Wizards campaign. The party would be members of a secret society seeking spells, magic items, and components in a world where doing so is extremely dangerous.


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My next campaign is far enough in the future that I haven't started thinking about it yet. I have one 5E campaign that just finished session #45 and is 10th level on the cusp of 11th (I think), and another that is about to have session #12, the events of which seem very likely to push them over the edge to 5th level. They're both in the same part of my setting world, and I have other parts I'd like to have things happen in, but I need to write them up, and I probably want to have the first things I run there be characters from the first continent I wrote up. And, there are logistical problems with trying to run three campaigns at once, so I'll probably hold off until one or the other of the campaigns I'm running now dies.
Let's see. I have 3 different groups for whom I DM.
1) Just moved to a new campaign map. They are currently exploring Tegel Manor for what was intended as a quick jaunt which has turned into a lengthy dungeon survival quest. After that they might play a 5e conversion of The Night Below or go to original content - it's up to them what plot threads they pick up.
2) We're three sessions into PF2's "Age of Ashes" campaign. If we leave it, it will likely be because the group fell apart or no longer wants to play PF2.
3) Wrapping up a Dungeon World online group. We are discussing if we want to do Five Torches Deep, Forbidden Lands, or D&D 5e. If it's Forbidden Lands I'll run Raven's Purge; if 5e, Descent into Avernus. If Five Torches Deep, I guess it's original content.


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For the two 5e games I run I'm nowhere near needing to consider this question.
5e Game #1:
Runs every week
*Is ambling towards a trip through Barovia,
*then probably Avernus (re-written for considerably higher lvs.)
*But 1st they'll get one of the chapters out of SKT (seems a waste to have only used the Hill Giant section). Sure, different characters actually completed the adventure in a previous campaign, but the Stone/Frost/Fire/Cloud giants were up to their own agendas off-screen during that. Plenty of space to tell the tale of a different party dealing with some of that.
This is enough content to last 2+ years. And then you have to consider that these players will cheerfully hare off on adventures of their own choosing.
5e Game #2:
Runs every other week
*Right now they're gaining early lvs via the short adventures in Dragon of Ice Spire Peak from the essential kit.
*Next up I envision running one of the chapters out of SKT. Most of the players in this game were the ones who played that adventure the 1st time, going the Hill Giant route. So current characters vs the Stone/Frost/Fire/Cloud plot (chosen from one I don't use for Game #1) they didn't get to see the 1st time through.
*Eventually a trip to Avernus (again, re-written for higher lvs)
For this group that's enough material for the next of never....

** I basically inherited Game #2. Their DM had to drop due to work schedule, & while I don't mind filling in, I'd also like to only DM 1 game, preferably on Thur.... So I'm hoping that I can merge these two games.

Played with 100% different people than the 5e games. Right now we're about 6 months away from completing the current AP (assuming no TPK). Right now I'm on the player side of the screen.
But we rotate GMs each campaign. How our pattern seems to work is: Me, player A, Me, Player B, Me, Player C..... So I almost always have to have an idea on tap as I'll either need it either 6 months out or maybe next week.
Currently I'm thinking of running a PF version of ToA. Since I ran this last year for the 5e games all the maps are printed, all the minis collected, most of the basic prep is done. So pull out the PF Bestiary, plug in some #s, & Welcome to the Jungle.


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I'm working on star systems: Riepe's Republic/Ledisneg in the Riepe's Double system, and Vienna in the Gliese 250 system. Riepe's Republic is a wheel or torus trading station, that is looking to declare independence.


My current 3.5 campaign, The Kordovian Adventurers Guild, has 9 more adventures to go before it finishes up; at the rate we play, that'll probably finish up around the end of the year. It was a sequel campaign to my original one (with these same players), Wing Three, at the end of which they gathered the "seed" of the universe which would come after the one in which those two campaigns were set (a heavily homebrewed version of the standard Greyhawk campaign world).

So, my next campaign will be Dreams of Erthe, "Erthe" being the "seed" of the next universe to come. This will be my first "real" homebrew campaign, where I'm creating the whole game world from scratch; the first thing I decided was the gods of this new campaign world would be patterned after the Wing Three PCs, so I've got my pantheon all set, with which deities control which clerical domains and such. The "dreams" part of the title comes into play with my next decision: I want some of the adventures to take place entirely within the dreams of others; the PCs will end up working for the Queen of Dreams, helping determine the cause of a disease on the Mortal World that puts its victims into a dream-filled coma from which they cannot be awakened. (In fact, I think the first adventure will be the PCs meeting up in the dream world, then having to find each other in the mortal world from some rather significant distances.)

Anyway, I'm still plugging along at it. I've probably got the better part of a year to fine-tune the game world down. But I have my first two PCs: my son will be playing a half-orc cleric/paladin of the God of Air and Healing who uses no weapons but only a shield, and my teenage nephew will be playing a human bard who plays the lute. One of the other three players is thinking he'll probably run an elven fighter/wizard/spellsword; the other two haven't decided yet. But again, I have time.



That's still under debate - personally, I would love to play either a darkish fantasy campaign with Forbidden Lands or folklore-fantasy with Beyond the Wall. However, one of my player's is really enamoured with the Cyberpunk campaign I am currently running using The Sprawl, and is generally quite tired of playing in fantasy worlds.

Also, as mentioned in the thread about DMing, I will probably switch back to being a player, so the final call will be with whoever picks up the DM role next.


Next thing I will be running will most likely be The Troubleshooters. Have ideas for a number of adventures, but need to write them down as well. I will wait though until I have physical books in my hand (even though I technically could use the pre-layout stuff that I helped proofread)

2 Problems:
  • I am bad ad writing stuff down, and plan long-term for campaigns
  • My gaming group already has a number of campaign goina on. ATM the active ones are Vampire: Masquerade 5e and D&D 5e (Out of the Abyss). Then we have a number of campaigns on temporary hold. Such as Scion 2e, Mage: the Awakening 2e, Drakar och Demoner Trudvagn (with GURPS-rules), Daring Comics RPG, and a campaign in Star Trek adventures (this one has been a filler-thing when not all players have been present).
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My group just broke up a week ago. Im taking three of those players and starting a new 5E D&D game. Were doing a session zero this Wednesday. I havent decided if I want to set it in FR, Eberron or something generic. Setting doesnt matter to me as much as having the players create a cohesive party with a common objective.
I'm writing a 5E setting book for ZEITGEIST: World of Revolution, and I'm hoping I can at least run the intro adventure for my local gaming group. This is set twenty years after the adventure path ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution, which for those who haven't heard about it was published by E.N. Publishing (EN World's affiliated publishing company). It took place during a fantasy industrial revolution, where your characters were a group of constables investigating a sprawling conspiracy.

One of the core components of the setting is that conflicts are often driven by clashes of ideology, rather than simple alignment saying we're good and you're bad. So the intro adventure is set up in a Casablanca-style city with a lot of groups operating at cross purposes, and while there are some clear bad guys, your choices can change the future of the city.

Moreover, I'm trying to have the first adventure be open to four different play styles, so you could use it as a launching point for a variety of campaigns. It all starts with a murder of someone who had their fingers in lots of different pots.


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My next campaign might be sooner than I'd anticipated. I ... might have blown up a campaign this afternoon, by asking a question that revealed a structural flaw in the Adventure Path we were riding. The GM there mentioned having me DM 5E instead of either of the other two people who have GMed in that group. Is that a bus I see before me?



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My next campaign might be sooner than I'd anticipated. I ... might have blown up a campaign this afternoon, by asking a question that revealed a structural flaw in the Adventure Path we were riding. The GM there mentioned having me DM 5E instead of either of the other two people who have GMed in that group. Is that a bus I see before me?


What AP were you playing?


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I don't know, and that is very exciting!

Tomorrow (meaning, Tuesday the 18th), I will be running a session in which the PCs are very apt to be given a choice... that could end the campaign. Or reshape it. Or, allow it to continue with a somewhat changed mission statement. The BBEG is going to give them a choice - if they give him what he wants, he can and will make their fondest wishes come true and he will go away and stop trying to start a war. However, this may rewrite the timeline.

If the campaign ends, we will choose a new campaign. Probably an entirely new system. It'll call for some conversation with the players, and then some time for me to build stuff before the new campaign starts. One of the players has noted that the'd love to run a short arc in another system that would work to fill the time when I'm building stuff.

If the campaign is reshaped (basically, they could rewrite the entire game timeline and start again in an alternate universe), I'd still need some time for creation of the new timeline...

Or, the PCs could reject the end, but they'd then likely take on a new mission statement of finding some other way to deal with the BBEG and all he's trying to do.

It is super-exciting not knowing what is going to happen!


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Right now I'm running a FR game and an Eberron game, and playing in a homebrew game. I miss running homebrew. I also have a game on hold that was set in an alt history version of Earth's 1630's, at an international academy in Cardiff, the capital of the Druidic Parliamentary Monarchy of the Brythonic Empire, which is ruled by the Shadar-kai descendants of Mordred and The Morrigan. In the first session, they were initiated into the school, met the Red Dragon of Wales, and were almost tricked into freeing the White Dragon, who is imprisoned under the Academy. They also formed a team for the school's most popular sport adepel or "bel", which is a kind of football that is played on platforms or rooftops, and allows for some magic as part of play, and is essentially gish training parkour rugby.


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What are you working on?
I'm outlining a new campaign setting. It's a thematic mashup between Hollow Earth sci-fi and The Arabian Nights with some Eberron touches and hints of Glen Cook's novels. Very Weird Fiction overall. Ideally, it will be available in both OSR and 5e versions when I'm done with it.

In the meantime, I just swapped the game I run with my 6yo from Basic Fantasy RPG to RC D&D (with a handful of modern refinements), and it's going really well. Our characters are 7th level if you're keeping score.

Things I never cared much about myself back in the day - like the significance of Name Level - are HUGE deals to the kid I love it.