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What Would Be Written On Your PC's Grave Stone?


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
This thread is inspired by a thing my mom said today, that I immediately imagined as a quote on my own gravestone, and that would also work for many of my PCs. "Holy [expletive] I wish I could just shut the [expletive] up." (we aren't people who meekly say "yes sir", much more likely to raise a finger to authority than to quietly mind our own business. It's been an issue in the past. I've been told that if I don't make it to old age it'll be because of this trait).

Another fun example is from the Dresden Files, where very early on someone buys him a grave stone and a plot in Graceland Cemetary, with the epitaph, "Here Lies Harry Dresden. He died doing the right thing." as a threat. While it was a "gift" from an enemy, it fits Harry rather well, and IIRC he is actually "buried" there when he briefly dies.

So, that got me wondering, what would be on the grave stone of your own character?

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
My 4e Warlock was also a travelling trader / merchant, so when I retired him I built him a mausoleum and a statue. Donated his diary and autobiography to the local library so any researcher could find out what made him tick.

Yes he thought very highly of himself, why do you ask?

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