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Level Up (A5E) What would you *call* an Advanced 5E?

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Oh crackers how did we not think of that one. o_O
I thought it would be fitting since 5E started out via the NEXT Tests and that a number of NEXT features for classes were unique to them during the NEXT playtests. Such as Warlock apparently having their version of Wildshape and of course, the ever popular/requested NEXT Sorcerer's features.

I also like how 5E could be L33T speaken as "Special Edition" since this would pretty much bring 5E full circle in a way.


Small God of the Dozens
Fifth Edition Expert shortens to 5X, which is kinda cool, although some wank will start calling it FEE right away. It also shortens to FEDEX, which may be taken. 5EDEX?

Mike Myler

www.epic5e.com/ KS ends April 22nd!
oooo 5EE has appeal (especially for the yeet! crowd) but is going to look like a typo

Advanced and Expanded Fifth Edition is a bit much though in acronym form (AE5E)

Revised and Expanded Fifth Edition is....RE5E which is...not so bad? A wee bit punny? (RE: 5E amirite)


5e Advanced seems to reflect the ideas reflected originally in the original post. 5e Advanced as utilized in the original post also could be appropriate.

If it isn't an advanced, but more like an Unearthed Arcana...

Perhaps 5e Unearthed, 5e Arcana...or 5e Arcana Unearthed (Though you may have to talk to Monte on that name).

Mike Myler

www.epic5e.com/ KS ends April 22nd!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh it would make no sense to people that haven't been into RPGs forever but Basic Advanced Fifth Edition has the best acronym :( :( :( :( :(

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