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Level Up (A5E) What would you *call* an Advanced 5E?

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Is there going to be any kind of setting detail to go along with the crunch? Maybe the name can be tied into the implied world setting, if there is one. And maybe that name can obliquely reference "5" in some clever way. Use the prefix quint for a world or character name? "The Secret Codex of Edditon the 5th"?

Lord Mhoram

or 5teve.
5e: Tales of Epic Victories and Exploits

I remember that people on the Hero system forums were figuring out what to call the big revised book - for HERO 5th.. and one of the owners (may have been Steve Long but I don't recall) said, paraphrased - Call it Fred if you like, as long as you buy one. So that was retconned to Fifth Revised Edition by the fans, and was thereafter called FREd on the Boards

Mike Myler

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