What's the best RPG?


Not sure about best... but my favorites:

Tabletop: B/X, 5e, and DCC
Videogames: Dragon Quest XI, Fallout New Vegas, Diablo II, and Dark Souls

If I had to pick just one from each category I'd go DCC and Dark Souls.


I don't really like RPGs as such. They need some other tie in for me. I got into D&D because I like fantasy and Star Wars RPG because Star Wars.

I do like the D6 system in general D6 Star Wars in particular.

I've bought a few other RPGs or played then but it's to hard to get players. D&D players who like Star Wars will often give Star Wars a shot so it's easy in that regard.

Paranoia was fun for one offs, Vampire eh, Shadowrun eh, Numenera expensive book end.


Not picking a single isn't "wishy-washy" (and accusing others of such isn't exactly going to encourage people to answer). It's an acknowledgement that not every game is good for every genre. The majority of "one game to rule them all" people are D&D fans, followed closely by Pathfinder fans, then (in my experience) Palladium fans and GURPS fans (but I'm not certain which order between these two).

Many of the non-"One game to rule them all" people consider "One game to rule them all" to be a delusional view point. Many more consider it simple ignorance, and hope to cure it by encouraging the One Game types to try something, anything, else.
Yeah, I don't think there's one game or system that is the best for everything.

But in the OP, Morrus specifically said that the criteria for best is up to the poster. It was simply a conversation starter. What game is the best, and how is it the best. He even pointed out there can be no wrong answer.

I disagree with the last part a bit because I think not giving an answer is the only way to be wrong. So I was encouraging people to offer something to the convo. People saying "there is no best"....I mean, okay cool, I agree.....but it just doesn't do much for the discussion.

But neither does my nitpicking about it, so I'll shut up about it.

To offer another example, I have to say that I really like the Momentum mechanic in Modiphius's Star Trek game a lot. I think it's one of the best team based mechanics I've seen. I'm not so crazy about a lot of the other parts of the game, but I'm also not a huge Trek guy, so I'm sure that's a big part of the game's appeal that's lost on me. But Momentum and how it works is very cool.