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What's the most anticipated RPG of 2015?

I'm taking nominations for a poll I plan to start next week. The theme is most anticipated RPG for 2015. This is for complete roleplaying games, not adventure, supplement, accessory, sourcebook, setting, and so on, and nominations must be scheduled for release in 2015. If you're particularly anticipating the launch of a roleplaying game in 2015, please let me know below and I'll include it on the poll. (I won't include my own games, O.L.D./N.E.W. etc.) I'll take nominations for a week or so. Also, for simplicity's sake, I'm only going to use this thread for nominations - otherwise I'll end up with a spatter of tweets, FB messages, emails, PMs, and other things, and the likelihood is I'll miss something!
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Tricky one - other than N.E.W./O.L.D., I don't think I'm actually aware of any RPGs coming in 2015.

Although... aren't Green Ronin releasing their AGE system as a standalone this year? So that one, I guess, by default.


I nominate Shotguns and Sorcery RPG based on Matt Forbeck's great novels and the first (I think) full third-party game using the Cypher system.


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Call of Cthulhu 7e. Mouse Guard 2e. Crypt and Things 2e. Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2e. Force and Destiny. Mutant Chroniclea 3e. Infinity RPG. Dust RPG.


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The PDF. The physical books aren't out yet. That's more like a pre-release. :p
Nah, that's a release. I'd agree that playtest documents etc. are pre-releases, but if the public can actually buy it (as opposed to pre-order it) it's released. :)


Oh, also Bubblegumshoe, Evil Hat's Veronica Mars/Scooby Doo RPG. Which I'm anticipating even though there's no info on a 2015 release yet.


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Monkeyfun Studios' Spirit of '77

Sean K. Reynolds' Five Moons RPG

D&D5 is probably disqualified, huh? Because it launched in 2014? It's just that I feel like the firework has been lit but we're still waiting for it to go off.

Don't get me wrong, core D&D5 is great -- amazing, even -- but I kind of want to see an adventure path set somewhere other than Faerun so that we can get a sense of how we're going to get additional content that isn't an adventure. At the very least I want the web enhancement for Princes of the Apocalypse to hit.

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