D&D General What's the supplement name?


Can someone tell me the name of a supplement I had but can't find? Here's what I remember that was in it

It was 5th edition

Rules for lands, properties and business's and making money from business

It included 2 same registers to show how a business could make you money

Ideas for relationships, improving relationships, marriage and kids

Included were several suggestions for Npcs you could romance, as well as things you could do to improve the relationships and mini questions you could also do to improve the relationships

Among the things for kids were things such as schooling and training and rules for when their babies

Their were, I believe,, 4 different categories of babies, all babies had, among other things, a recomended number of daily feeds, suggested time napping and suggested sleep at night and it also listed the most likely number of nappy changes per day and each of the 4 categories of Baby had different requirements in each of those area's
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8 minutes ago I discovered that the supplement is The Adventurers Domestic Handbook and that the reason I didn't know much about it is that was I thought was A free 100 page book was actually A free download of the 1st 100 pages of The Adventurers Domestic Handbook

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