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What's your favorite NEW story hour?


Piratecat, Sepulchrave, Destan, Sagiro - long time readers of the story hour forum know these names all too well. They're like the anchor stores in the SH Mall (as for who's Sears and Who's Macy's, I don't know!), and when they update the crowds will come to read. But what about smaller story hours, the ones with less floor space and not as much signage? Well here's your chance to pimp your favorite!

Here's the guidelines:

1. Pimp current and less trafficked story hours - for the purposes of this thread, let's make the cut at regularly updated threads with no more than 10K views.

2. Pimp someone else's story hour, not your own. This should be a chance for readers to spread the good word to other readers. Besides, pimping your own SH is as easy as putting it in a signature.

So let the pimping begin!

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Well, I keep a selection of really good story hours in my sig. Some well known, some not. But for the purposes of this thread:

Star Wars - Heroes of Another Kind - A very unique story, IMO, and VERY under-read. Even if you're not a big fan of Star Wars, you'll enjoy this one.
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I count Shemeska's as a 'new' SH, but that 'loth gets more attention than your guidelines allow, so I'm not advertising it here ... ;)

But it will be nice to see recommendations for new SHs to read :)


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Hello all.

Well, having just re-emerged onto the boards I'm reading...

The Heroes of Icemist
Loved Small Beginnings, so this is progression for me! Great to have something familiar to come back to. Great writing, well fleshed out characters and crazy little details.

The Blade of Phoee
I glanced at this one, then was quickly hooked by the world idea. Very nice. Great epic potential...

Shemmy's planescape Storyhour 2
Well, this is my first foray into Shemmy's worlds, and well, the Kyton sold it to me and then the Mindflayer made me invest. Definately one I'm keeping track of. Nice writing also!

Well, that's it as so far - looking for more though.



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If we're talking about the new 'rising stars' (through the pages of this board :p ), then I would go with:

The Happenings of Lucifus Cray, the background of a most intriguing Alienist

We were like gods once, a WWII SH with the most funny bot you'll ever meet

Seravin's Tales of the Night Below. If you have never played through that fantastic (2E) boxed set, now is your chance to get a look at it.. from the inside out! ;)

Alea Iacta, a 'historical' SH set in ancient Rome. Mandatory reading to any fan of the old (2E) HR series. Heck, mandatory reading to anyone!

and, last but not least, Pogre's Zandyrium SH. Fast, furious and funny :lol:

I've got a few I like to read that I'd highly recommend to others:
Carpedavid's Land of the Crane - I wish he'd started this SH earlier, I've found so many things I wish I had included in my own campaign.

Rel's the Quests of Samantha the Red - This one is just plain too cute. Frequent updates on everyone's favorite little fighter (or is she a barbarian? Do small children automatically get ranks in barbarian? :))

Finally, Q-Ship by Capellan. I know it technically has 13k views, but goshdarnit, its that good! :)


Quantum Chronomancer
Although not updated often, necessarily, it is updated regularly. If you have had any experience with the MIDNIGHT campaign setting, I would suggest Of Fey and Shadow. Very well written, great descriptive scenes, and it really gives you a feel for the darkness of the setting.


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The only story hour i read on a regular basis is my dm's story hour....
i just find it hard to read a SH all at once to get caught up with it.... mainly because i have no computer at home just at work *cries*

but heres my DM's SH http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=105247
and thankyou for your posts everyone it has given me some direction on who's SH i should start reading


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The ones that I have characters in are my favorites. They are in my sig (of sound mind the halfling way and great conflicts). The Jester has been updating extremely frequently lately and does a great job of capturing the feel of his campaigns.


Dressed all in pink in a crowd of tuxedos

Crappo, I missed the don't pimp own SH notice... werp.

Rel's storyhour of Samantha the Red is both awesome and darling at the same time. :D

And there's nothing below this point...
First off thank you to those who mentioned my stuff, and let me say that in the future yugoloth hegemony, you'll be made into living petitioner wall art last.

My 2nd campaign has a storyhour of its own that picks up a hundred fifty years after the first storyhour, but it doesn't contain any spoilers and I'll try to keep it that way as long as possible.

The 1st one, though relatively 'new' sort of breaks, spindles, punctures and folds that upper limit of views, however #2 doesn't. *wink*

#1 = lower planar politics, fiendish intrigue, a yugoloth civil war, power struggles within Sigil, and a Xaositect tiefling named Nisha, who, while never intended to be more than a bit NPC, ended up being adored by everyone involved. Very dark at times, possibly fraying Erik's Gramma's nerves at points too.

#2 = not quite as dark yet and collecting a group of much less good PCs together. Starts off with kytons and possibly mindflayers as has already been said. Throw in the sacking of Tunarath, a monologue by the Guardian of the Dead Gods, and intrigue amidst the cubes of Acheron and you've got the start of another sprawling little campaign.
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I think a couple of authors who update regularly deserve a read :
Herreman the Wise's Story Hour

Other story hours like mortepierre's and EternalNewbie's Alqarin are well worth a read.

There are others that are fun or interesting, but these are all well written and well worth anyone's time. I honestly read almost every story hour that crops up on a regular basis.

Amazingly, 4 new story hours are coming out of little old Champaign County Illinois:
The Celestial Empire by Emperor Valerian.

Don't laugh...it's coming by Hairy Minotaur.

The Waterdeep Adventures or Kobold Soup is good eatin! by spacehulkster.

and mine.


First Post
PhoenixAsh's Adventure in the Open Skies

I think it's very well written, although I'm heavily biased. An Eberron setting (high-magic) with the adventurers crewing on an airship.

Battles, comedy, intrigue, and a singing dancing wizard who's asking for trouble. :p


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I second the Eberron Skyship one. Very fun read.

Ankh-Mopork Guard's SH is also a good one.

And there was this one guy named Wulf, he had an okay one.


By the way, if you decide to pick up a new story hour because of this thread, make sure you drop a comment or two in for the author. While most people here write primarily for themselves, I don't think any of them will turn away constructive criticism, a pat on the back, or simply an "atta boy!"