D&D 5E Where are the heirs to the 32 page adventure format?

It seems to me that what the OP is looking for is meatgrinder dungeons full of tricks, traps and monsters. As it happens, aside from a few classic examples (mostly written for tournaments) most old school adventures weren't that, either. 1st and 2nd edition stuff is easy to convert to 5e, but actually isn't what it looked like through rose-tinted nostalgia goggles. For example, Pharoh stands up quite well, but Ghost Tower of Inverness doesn't.

I definitely wouldn't recommend Radiant Citadel. That is full of story driven adventures, not dungeon crawls. However, Bazzoxan (Chapter 3 of CR: Call of the Netherdeap). feels like an old school meatgrinder dungeon. It's a bit short to justify the cost of the rest of the book, although it written in such a way that you could drop in extra levels, or even use the DMG random dungeon generator.

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But more importantly .... 60% empty corridors? What are you talking about? I can think of reasons not to play earlier adventurers, but ... that's not one of them.
But, but, but....


Is there a reason you can't use the adventures you like. I find 5e easy to convert on the fly with just the tables from the DMG. Now, they aren't all in one place, so I made my cheat sheet(s) below. But I find I don't need to really any prep anymore and just use my cheat sheet to run adventures. There is some of our homebrew stuff on there, but if you are interested I could put the word doc on a google drive and you could download and modify it however you want.

DM Cheat Sheet Page 1:

DM Cheat Sheet Page 2 (most of this is page is house rules, except the targets table):


Can you tell us (well, at least me) more about these? I didn't see anything in the EN Publishing link at the top of this page - unless you mean the ENSider? I thought that was an anthology magazine?
No, it is a Patreon: EN5ider

Each month is a different adventure or class or some useful bit. It is not an anthology. IIRC, if you sign up you instantly have access to all the old issues.


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I don't know. I've never seen one before. I've never recalled seeing one at a FLGS or even at the Goodman booths at the conventions I've attended. Maybe I can look into it a little more?
Weird. I was a volunteer at the Goodman booth at Gen Con this year, and the 5th Edition Fantasy adventures were both present and steady sellers.
There's also stuff like this, which is intended as space-filler along the same lines:

Offbeat Encounters - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild


Weird. I was a volunteer at the Goodman booth at Gen Con this year, and the 5th Edition Fantasy adventures were both present and steady sellers.
Not doubting you there. I'm just saying that I didn't notice them. There were many OAR books and the DCC line. Since I knew about all the OAR books and didn't care for DCC when I tried it, I didn't thoroughly look at Goodman's offerings.


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