Where has Finona been? (Potential spoilers)


The letter from her boss in Adventure 3 says something about
"handl[ing] this your fourth dig site". What were the other three? Apet, Jiese, and _____?


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When it comes to the recent history of Obscurati excavation efforts, here's my notes:

1. the first dig site is Nem. This is never explicitly called out, but can be deduced since Apet was "recent" and Jiese was "not first". It makes sense that Nem would be first for several reasons: it is located within the borders of Danor (so it's easy to get to), and it's within the Dead Magic zone (so it's far less dangerous to explore).

2. the second dig site is Jiese, in northern deserts of Crisillyir. This is the second-closest ziggurat to Danor, but the first one where they'd have to contend with magical defenses. This is the one where they hired Rock Rackus as a contractor, because of his history with planeswalking.

3. the third dig site is Apet, in the High Bayou of southern Risur. It's not entirely clear why this one was third. In my headcanon, they kicked off the Apet and Mavisha efforts at the same time and worked them in parallel, and then things just happened to come together on the Apet side more quickly.

Special mention:

0. the ziggurat of Urim in Nalaam was plundered "a very long time ago", presumably by the magocracy of Nalaam. They built the Grand Casino on top of it. Its golden seal is long since gone, and consequently, Urim planer energy just leaks out all over the place. (To the great joy & profit of the magocracy.)

So that's 5 ziggurats plundered by the end of adventure 3.

To round out the other ziggurats:

Whatever Kasavarina did to the Avilona ziggurat off the southern coast of Ber, it isn't the same "sort of thing" that the Ob is doing to ziggurats in recent history. The golden seal may have been damaged, but it's not missing and thus leaking mana like the other plundered ziggurats do.

Also, Rock Rackus visited the ziggurat of Av in the Antwalk Thicket of central Risur. He didn't do any damage there or otherwise meddle with planar energies. (This is the same site that you visit in adv10, when it gets reconnected to Jiese.)

In my headcanon, I describe the ritual site on Axis Island (where the final battle takes place) as "the ziggurat of Vona". Which, other than not being a ziggurat, isn't too far off....

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