D&D Movie/TV Where is all of the Honor Among Thieves D&D stuff, WotC?


Oh sure sure. I agree but they didn’t rewrite anything and it didn’t boost sales on the already best selling novels. People didn’t go into stores saying “I need that novel with Elijah Wood on the cover”. They said “do you have Lord of the Rings?” and the clerk said “sure” and they bought whatever the clerk handed them.
No, they saw the logo and a recognizable image and they bought it. They didn't ask anyone.

But, sure, this wasn't a misstep or lost opportunity. That wouldn't happen with the current WotC leadership.

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They do this all the time - it is a pretty common thing in book publishing. Most of the time when they turn a book into a movie, they reissue it with a tie-in cover. Hunger Games, Twilight, and yes, even LotR. A notable exception is the Harry Potter books.

It is easy to forget we here are a niche of a niche and there are orders of magnitude more people that know who Chris Pine is than know what the Forgotten Realms are.
Oh for sure. My point is that the generic world of the starter sets already conforms to everything that a tie in product would need. It just lacks the artwork. Novels are one thing, they’re cheaper and easy, you slap a new cover on them. To tie into a game adventure is development time, which means they need the script, which means NDA, which means lead time, etc etc. is it worth the investment when the product already meet 95% of what a tie in product does like name recognition and setting? No.

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Hasbro's problems are in the corner offices. Job performance rarely corresponds to who gets fired under those conditions IME.
Oh, man, I have the exact opposite experience. Idiot c-suite people send out mournful emails as their incompetence has led to a 30% staff cut. Once you manage to wriggle your way high enough up the org chart, it takes a lot for you to take the fall for your incompetence.

I think we're more likely to see top Hasbro execs play musical chairs than be fired.

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