Which ability score would you like to increase to 18 in real life?

Which ability score?

  • Strength

  • Dexterity

  • Constitution

  • Intelligence

  • Wisdom

  • Charisma

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Doors and Corners
I work delivering anesthesia in healthcare. I see such sick people. Good, wholesome people wracked with disease and sickness. I live in fear of lingering on and on and on.

I'll take Constitution, please.


39th lv DM
Interesting to see no one really caring about strength so far.
Average strength is serving me well enough.

And I'm certain Con is already my high stat. Though if bumping my Con to 18 would grant me regeneration I'd have picked that without a second thought.
Since it wont, and the chronic damage (CLL) has already been done (even the toughest of us can fail a Save you know), I'll take the Int boost to help me keep making the $ I need to pump into my health care.


Possibly a Idiot.
Do you know how much you would have to eat in order to maintain that 18 STR? I've seen The Rock's diet plan, no thank you!

Dexterity is only really useful if you are young and have a future in the entertainment or sports industries.

Constitution is tempting. If it wasn't for modern medicine I would have been dead 3 times over by now. On the other hand, I've already come this far, why hedge my bets just to maintain my life when I could propel it upward?

Intelligence? I can't handle how overactive my brain gets as it is. Cranking that up would be a nightmare!

A high Wisdom will just make you live with regret over not picking something else. :p

That leaves Charisma, and everyone knows Charisma is OP IRL.


Wisdom (intuition and will) is probably my high stat. I am torn between more Intelligence and more Charisma.

I tend to take my physical body for granted. I need to start taking care of myself better. But my mind is elsewhere.


I can add a custom title.
Interesting to see no one really caring about strength so far.
Nothing I do in life really requires an 18 strength. Probably the 10ish strength I have is all I really need.

Would have been useful when moving a few months back though.


Hard to choose...

  • Con, would mean I would stop having constant colds, and not have to worry about my bad knees. Not sure if it would fix my bad sight (wearing contact lenses)
  • Int, would be beneficial in my work, and I do like to learn new stuff
  • Dex for my archery
  • Charisma, well that might improve my love-life.

In the end, I think, I go for Con though.But , I would not need to bump it 18. Would prefer to spread it out on the above stats.


Anyone who choose anything other then Wisdom, needs more Wisdom. A Con, Dexterity and strength increase will dissolve in the face of time and age, intelligence without wisdom usually ends up futilite as one doesn't know how best to apply ir, Charisma without wisdom leads to bad leadership and more problems eventually for everyone.

Every single philosopher A-side from the most extreme hedonists would choose wisdom. Improving your wisdom doesn't just help yourself, it helps everyone around you.


Probably because of guns, I think. They make all physical strength obsolete in a maliciously hostile situation.
It has nothing to do with guns (at least not where I live). You just don't need much strength for 99% of task in modern life. Unless I was a professional athlete, STR just doesn't get me much.