D&D General Which colour do you think of first when you think D&D?

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Brown. Not for any rulebook, but because that's probably the predominant color of clothing people in the typical fantasy world wear.


Red, obviously.


Also, what a weird question.

I guess you would have preferred an alignment thread instead? 🙃

For me, it is pale blue. The dice in my Basic box (1981) were pale blue. I think it's the combination of the colour and the polyhedral dice that created this link in my brain. I had never held polyhedral dice in my hand before.

What about you?
So weird…pale blue as well which became my favorite color!

I also had a barbarian action figure for D&D…northlord. His pale blue weapons also were part of my inspiration for pairing light blue and D&D and cementing this as my favorite color!

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