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D&D 5E Which played-out D&D trope needs to die?


I'm talking stuff like "rangers suck" or "bards are always horny." I'm talking plots like rescuing the princess, meeting your evil twin, or finding out that it was all a dream. Sure these things can be done well, but they also tend to elicit an immediate eye-roll when they come up. So before you attack your keyboard with "I did THING in my game, and it was the best THING ever," remember that this is more about pet-peeves than never-do-this-under-any-circumstance.

So how about about it? Which played-out D&D trope needs to die?

(Comic for illustrative purposes.)

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Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.
My family was killed and I was powerless to stop it. Now I'm an angsty loner with no feelings and an unquenchable desire to kill everything I encounter. Even though I'm a loner, I'm going to hang out with this group of random people. I say offensive things because that's what I, the character, would do.

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