D&D 5E Which version of D&D would you like 5E to resemble most? (poll version)

Which version(s) of D&D would you like 5E to resemble most?

  • OD&D

    Votes: 10 5.7%
  • OD&D with unified, d20 mechanics

    Votes: 20 11.4%
  • AD&D

    Votes: 17 9.7%
  • AD&D with unified, d20 mechanics

    Votes: 69 39.2%

    Votes: 14 8.0%
  • BECMI with unified, d20 mechanics

    Votes: 49 27.8%
  • 3rd Edition

    Votes: 51 29.0%
  • 4th Edition

    Votes: 74 42.0%

  • Poll closed .


Been rereading all the L&L articles, and they definitely point towards choice #6. Which sounds awesome.

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Since I have to choose one, I'll go for 3e.

However, my preference would be to start with Core 3e, strip out some of the complexities that are already present even there, bring in many of the enhancements from SWSE and 4e, and then work from there.

I certainly don't want 5e to look like 3e with all the bells and whistles added - that was way too complex for me, and many of those "bells and whistles" (some of which were present even in the 3.5e Core Rulebooks) actually made the game worse.


The version of D&D I want it resemble most is Star Wars Saga Edition, so "other." :D

Or more accurately, SWSE but with the talents/feats thing possibly more streamlined.


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This thread really got me thinking.

BECM with a unified d20 mechanic? How hard would that really be, anyway? I thumbed through my Rules Cyclopedia last night, and I believe that it wouldn't be very hard at all. See, the thing I loved best about the BECM game was its simplicity and speed of play...so as long as I resist the urge to ADD STUFF to it, it could be very simple:

+ Get rid of THAC0, and use the d20 core mechanic.
+ Rewrite the XP and save throw tables for each class.
+ Rewrite the races
+ Allow multiclassing

- Add the skill system
- Add feats
- Add more spells
- Add a grid-based combat system

Everything else could be left as-written in the Rules Cyclopedia (maybe with minor tweaking for things like Armor Class and such). The result wouldn't be "OMG Teh Best Game Evar LOL!!!111," but it would be a lot closer to What D&D Means To MeTM.


I voted for #6 (BECMI with unified d20 mechanics) and #8 (4E including Essentials), as I would like to see 5E combine aspects of those two games. Sprinkle on a tiny bit of 3E so we can have a non-Vancian arcane caster (e.g., sorceror) alongside the traditional Vancian wizard. The rest of 3E can go in the dustbin as far as I'm concerned.

Edit: And cleaned-up AD&D is leading the poll! Did not see that coming...
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The version of D&D I want it resemble most is Star Wars Saga Edition, so "other." :D

Or more accurately, SWSE but with the talents/feats thing possibly more streamlined.

Wouldn't that be closest to option 7 (3rd Edition: including 3.5 and other games derived from it 3rd edition?) I've played both and 3.X is pretty close to SWSE (as is d20 Modern).


What I would like would be something close to 4th edition essentials, but with the ability to have fights without a battle map.

In my opinion, the martial classes in Essentials reverted to something like their original conception ("I hit it with my sword") but gave options to make the character more interesting to play ("I hit it with my sword while using the 'poised assault' stance, rather than my 'battle fury' stance, meaning that I get a +1 to hit instead of a +2 to damage.")

I like the at-will, encounter, and daily powers for the wizard (I'm not crazy about it for non-spell-casting classes). The wizard should have a greater variety of spells to choose from, and perhaps should have new AW/E/D spells for each level of advancement. There should be "useless spells", as well. The wizard should have to acquire spells from scrolls and such, rather than automatically gain them when he advances to a new level, I think.

For ability scores: random rolls shouldn't be punished so harshly. I read once someone's description of the 0e rules concerning ability scores; it was pointed out that a fighter with 10 strength was about as effective a fighter as one with 16 strength, although the latter fighter would gain experience more quickly. I like that idea, and getting rid of the "+1 to ability checks for every two points of ability" in favor of a flat +1 for ability scores 15 and above, and a -1 for ability scores at 6 and below, and getting rid of the increase in ability scores every other level, would make rolling for random ability scores more popular. Rely on experience levels to increase a character's capacity for adventure rather than increases in his ability scores. Make the character have to work for increasing a particular score (push a boulder around to increase STR, like in Nethack), or find a "Tome of Physical Conditioning", or something.

I also like the idea of splitting up the game's components like the BECMI did.


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I wouldn't mind at all if they backed off on the d20 mechanic and recognized there's places where it works and places where it doesn't.

So I went with 1, 3, and 5.

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It's actually tough to answer, since it's not the same question as "what's your favourite edition?"

I would say the mechanical core of 4e, with 3e's class structure and variety (and 2e's campaign settings and 1e's adventures :) ). Like Henry, I kind of think SW Saga is the closest fit to what I'd want.

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