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D&D 5E Why AD&D Rocks and 3e - 5e Mocks all over AC...


This is actually somewhat tongue in cheek...so don't take the title all THAT seriously. This isn't REALLY an AD&D vs. other editions thing...it's more of a discussion on the why's and what's of AC in 3e and 5e.

AD&D allows the full DEX modifier.

I found it ridiculous how 3e decided that your DEX modifier to AC was limited due to the armor type. Even more so with 5e.

Why did they even start this trend (Back in 3e) of limiting the amount of DEX modifier you could have to your AC depending on the type of armor you wore?

Ridiculous assumptions regarding armor? Fallacious views of how mobile knights were?

Anyone know the answer?

Anyone share my view that the full DEX modifier should be allowed to be added to AC regardless of armor type. The only thing that happens by not allowing this is reducing Warrior efficiency. People already criticize the Warrior types for being weaker at higher levels...let them have that DEX bonus (if they even have it) to their AC!

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Victoria Rules
Way back when - i.e. in about 1983 - we houseruled that heavy armour had a maximum effective dex it would allow, as it just made sense. Enchanted heavy armour sometimes got around this.


AC range too.

D&D more or less has AC in a ~10 point AC range for nonmagical armor. From 1 to 8. 10 to 0. Or 10 to 20. Once Dex modifier was raised to +4 at 18, it was too high for that range to be added to AC. It would only give 6 points of wiggle room. So only lighter armor gave full bonus.

One thing I hope for in 6e is the return of 4e Weapon. A +2 or +3 bonus based to the weapon.

This would allow for AC to exceed 20 in mundane tiers as the "to hit" roll would be: Strength or Dexterity Modifier + Weapon Bonus + Proficiency Modifier.

Then AC could be Armor bonus + Shield bonus + Dexterity or Strength Modifier. Plate and Shield with 20 DEX or 20 STR could be 25 AC.


Try it in leather armor which allows full dex bonuses. :p
Nah, studded leather armor is where it's at. Take that biker jacket, cut off the arms, put random studs here and there an presto! Functional armor that is not only perfect for those hot days, Olympic swimming events, is comfy to sleep in, doesn't ever interfere with movement at all! So functional it's like it doesn't even exist! :unsure:

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