D&D 5E Why did they design Demiplane to suck?


This is something that has bothered me, but Demiplane sounds like it should be cool, I mean it allows you to a create demiplane.

In practice they should have called it Mordenkiens Walk In Closet.

You can't customize it all all beyond the walls being wood and stone. The Space really doesn't do, anything, the Space is the, size of a room and door lasts an hour and has to be resummoned for you to access or leave the space again. Lame and useless for anything, but storage. It's not even the only spell that creates a demiplane.

Magifiscent Mansion creates it's own demiplane, but it's bigger, customizable with furniture and equiptment, 100 servants and fine food and drink. So many uses for it. And you can open and shut the door for 24 hours.

Demiplane does storage better, but you can reach a demiplane via planeshift so you can just use a Demiplane someone else abandoned and forgot, that is it.

Should Demiplane have had more features?

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Demiplane does storage better, but you can reach a demiplane via planeshift so you can just use a Demiplane someone else abandoned and forgot, that is it.

The DMG addresses this: You need a tuning fork attuned to the specific demiplane you need, which is not something you can just get. You not only need to know a given plane exists, but now you need to figure out what frequency the plane attunes to. Lore wise you're not supposed to be able to just use plane shift to steal someone else's demiplane.


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You realize demiplane + glyph allows you to prepare and cast a large number of concentration only spells on yourself simultaneously. Right?

It also gives a VERY good way to transport hostile or vulnerable creatures (who cannot planar travel themselves).

Most importantly is it can be the SAME walk in closet. Meaning you can stock it with any number of goodies or traps, and summon the one you need.


Okay, putting aside the fact that the game sorely needs stronghold / PC dungeon building guidelines beyond three spells that only druid, wizards and clerics get*, what exactly do you want a demiplane to do? Even at high levels, the game revolves around exploring and fighting monsters. You can't do that from your own tiny world. So, what does Demiplane offer as a spell that allows you to keep playing the game?

* the existence of these spells kind of annoy me.


The spell is outstanding in my opinion. I had a scary artifact I gave to the PC's, not knowing what else to do with it but knowing lots of people were looking for it party wizard used Sequester and Demi plane to hide it until they can figure more out. Those two combined I figured made it just about impossible to find without breaking out my magic DM wand and simply saying so.

You get your very own hidey hole that no one else can get to. That's pretty big if you ask me. And if you want to customize it a bit, I'd ask the DM to spitball some ideas. No reason you can't say that over the course of years the PC wizard reworks it to give it a bit of personal flair. But nothing too big, mortal magic alone doesn't make full fledged planes but I'm sure you can have some fun with it still.

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