D&D 5E Why not Alternity? (Or, will or how might WotC do SF?)

In my view, since the D&D brand moved in-house and thus leveled up in the Hasbro IP chain, they will concentrate on developing electronic media perhaps as spin-offs and/or segues of the D&D line. SF in some form, thus, will become a factor for electronic media, just my feeling. D&D-type excursions will pull such productions across the newly established line. In multi-media the "Fantasy" mash-up, piggy-backing lines can be very thin.

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Regarding a 5e sci-fi games look into:

Esper Genesis - great production values

Carbon 2185 - more cyberpunk, but still capable of doing some Expanse-type rpg

Dark Matter - by Mage Hand Press - very much a science fantasy - D&D in space game.

Arcana of the Ancients - adding sci-fi elements to a D&D game, and their Amber Monolith lets you do Numenera 5e

Amazing Adventures 5e - great for modern day and pulp action, can do horror and even some sci-fi

Lots of great stuff out there, just need to do some digging.

Thomas Shey

personally, I want them to give it a go, to see what they make the worst case it flops.

I hope no one takes it wrong that I think the worst case is it succeeds too well. I'm not sold that the D&D chassis is even a particularly good one for fantasy, and I certainly don't want to see it also start to dominate everything else.

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