D&D 5E Will Baldur's Gate 3 Change D&D?

Will BG3 change Tabletop D&D?

  • Yes

    Votes: 37 38.5%
  • No

    Votes: 37 38.5%
  • Unsure

    Votes: 22 22.9%

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BG3 begins Dev - Using 2014 5e.
BG3 gets some new guidance - Using Internal UA/Testing
BG3 releases with things like Weapon Properties
5e2024 UA releases with Weapon Properties.

I believe thats the logic some are proposing.
So Larian is braver that WotC. Got it.


Except where it's not.
Which mostly falls under the category of rules that WotC was testing out (Wild Heart Barbarian) or adapting to the fact that "Rulings, Not Rules" doesn't work in a video game. Which obviously doesn't apply back to the TTRPG. The D&D channel has been spamming videos about BG3 the past few weeks, with stuff in the title emphasizing how much BG3 is just like the TTRPG.


There's been D&D video game hits since The Gold Box days. I can't think of one that has changed the tabletop in any significant way.

It may draw some folks into playing the tabletop, but they are separate experiences. We might see a spell or mechanic from the game, but certainly no change in the direction of the design of the tabletop.

Of course, I'm always wrong on these sort of prognostications for just about anything.
I voted “yes”.

1). In the old gold box and other DND video games, the games were built around the existing game system (or closely mirrored the existing game system, such that the stuff you could do in game you could do on the tabletop, without the RPG saying ‘nope’). Keeping in mind that the old gold box games were also at a time when every table was different, and flexibility in rule application or interpretation was the general way things went (at least at our table)

2) It would not be a good look for a player who picked up BG3, and had not played the RPG, to then pick up the RPG, and then try to replicate the video game experience and be told “nope, can’t do that, it’s not in the rules”. It’s why there are several, albeit minor, mechanics in the playtest based on the BG3 game mechanics (or they were in BG3 based on early play testing we hadnt seen).

I think we’ll see more BG3 influence and mechanics in the final UAs, as well as in the actual game product that comes out. Much like the actual release in 2014 compared to the last playtest packets…


A few things, like Barrelmancy and using shove + verticality aren't likely to make it into home games, 'cause Theatre of the Mind and most battle maps don't really lend themselves as much to that. If anything, as a DM I'm more likely to employ barrelmancy ... 5e Tucker's Kobolds here we go.

And I get why Larian simplied the restrictions on additional actions, and while it's super cool to be able to throw 2 or 3 Fireballs per turn as a Sorcerer, that's not something I'd want in tabletop settings.

I am tempted to import some of the magic item sets though. And I already have the houserule that potion drinking as a bonus action.


B/X Known World
There have already been posts about being able to "save" before boss fights etc. Not to mention most people already play the "Im a special snowflake" character (I'm a prince who was gifted powers by a vampire made of lava and now I'm the best assassin in the world... at level 1."

BG3 isn't going to change anything that some people weren't already doing in their games already more or less.
I laughed because I’ve had tables filled with those characters.

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