Will's AD&D 2nd Edition - Who knows where it will go!


the magical equivalent to the number zero
”Does anyone know who ‘the warlock’ is? He lost his fourth dagger,” Aego remarks drily and obviously not expecting an answer.

The wizard tucks the glass weapon under his belt and starts towards the room with the kobold statues.

”Did you discover anything yet?” he asks Luis as he himself makes sure not to enter the room yet.


Jhary O Connah strode over to the last door and kicked it with hairy foot.

He had the flute to his lips, wracking his little hobbit brain for any other combinations of notes that he could get out of the thing.

The results weren't that melodious and Jhary twitched slightly every time the combo was especially bad.

He half sung and mumbled: "If this one don't budge...Might try the other...I don't hold a grudge, but maybe won't bother..."

He looked back at Aego peering into the room with the kobolds statues, then at Luis.

The little white mouse nibbled on a tiny bit of bread, perched in the halfling's pocket.

William Smith1

The Hobbit finally stumbles upon another combination that opens the last door - ACB. This one on the west wall opens to reveal another 20'x20' room with two doors on its far west wall. In the room are two Kobolds holding spears and looking very surprised.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aego is caught off guard for only a second.

"Friends!" he greets the kobolds warmly, and immediately starts casting the spell he is most fond of -- a charm that will turn potential enemies into friends. A few arcane words and some waving around with his arms, and one of the creatures should be his staunchest ally for at least today...

"Can you help us navigate this place, friends?" he adds, once in Common and once in Goblin. What language do these creatures speak, anyway? The elf is sure they'll understand either Common or Goblin.

OOC: Casting Charm Person on one of the Kobolds. A succesful saving throw versus spell negates, otherwise it views Aego as a trusted friend. Time between saving throws to end this status depends on its intelligence score. If Aego harms or attempt to harm it, the spell ends.