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OOC: Sorry thought I posted

"Sounds like it will be a challenge to avoid trouble." Clalick raises his drink. "Here is to avoiding trouble." He toasts as he takes a big gulp.

"This meat over at Liby's sure does seem like something sinister to stay away from. WIth any luck our travels will be swift and we can come back and try to help with that soon."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aego nods to Clalick's voiced intention to return quickly.

"Yes, unfortunately we have other business first, but we will look into it as soon as we can. That's what we adventurers do."

The elf nods with a smile, then winks at the barkeep.

"You know, you seem to be a keen observer. Have you observed anything useful about the kobolds that live in the east, in what was once Bobby Bard's residence?"

William Smith1

"Kobolds you say? Nasty little creatures. They do follow a leader and are loyal to them though. I heard years ago something to the effect of 'cut off the head and the body dies'. Guess that would apply to Kobolds, find the leader and get rid of him and the rest will scatter. Don't have any direct info on those particular Kobolds though. You say they are living in Bobby's residence? Didn't know Bobby to be so generous. Anything happen to him? Come to think of it, I haven't seen him this way in quite a while. What do you think happened to him?"

"That is also something we are looking into," Dorana says. "But I hope you won't spread that around. For all we know their leader is someone who frequents this establishment or one nearby."

William Smith1

"Ok, watch out for the Bugbears on your way out of town tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I'll have your rooms ready in a few minutes." As Frat heads upstairs to the rooms you hear a lock on the door click and you see a faint purple glow around the door frame and the windows. The windows also darken and you cannot see out them any more.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"That's.. unusual," remarks Aego, his professional curiosity piqued. Now why did he not prepare the Detect Magic spell this morning? Now he'll have to wait until tomorrow, or ask the innkeep.

The elf then smiles. If Frat knows some magic to protect this place, maybe Aego can learn how to cast that?

Leaning back in his chair, Aego relaxes. Maybe this tavern is the best place to be right now, after all.


The two dwarves, a gnome, and an odd elf. Jhary watched in curiosity as the funny foursome were hired by the wizard.

He hatched a plan.

Even in his early years he was convinced he came from somewhere else.

Now in his fourth , all the short guy could remember were the streets of the City State of the Invincible Overlord and how to play the zither.

Nobody had to get hurt. Jhary needed to get out and the perfect opportunity presented itself. And the promise of treasures to be found, magic to be learned? Jhary was in whether he was technically supposed to be there or not.

And so he followed the four. It was hard, but he held fast to the name of the wizard. He'd heard the gnome say it, the dwarves too.


It was difficult to keep up, but luckily the elf kept talking to every passerby along the road. Jhary kept a reasonable distance, but kept his ears peeled for details as he scribbled a note on some parchment in the woods.

This'll have to do, he thought.

He rolled up the paper, sealing it with a bit of melted wax, in which he attempted to scribble ah official looking insignia. Something with a W…

Adventurers, the note read, please admit Jhary to your company. He was late in coming to the meeting, but is nonetheless an essential component in recovering my precious obsidian raven.

Please allow Mister O Connah to inspect any and all further expensive objects as I have recently acquired a bit more sentimentality and a few more spots upon my mantle piece.

Exceptionally sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards and thanks for compliance with three addendums to your contacted service.

Yours truly,


Jhary O Connah crouched in the sparse forest near the town. He shivered, daring not light a fire because of the bug bears he'd spotted. Not to mention the big flying thing over head.

Not long now and straight into the tavern and at them Jhary… You've nothing to hide really… The wizard would've hired you if he'd known anyway… Just nod and smile with confidence.

Bright and early, as soon as the inn opens its doors, Jhary is there in the center of the room, at a table, eagerly awaiting a free breakfast.

He waves a piece of parchment rolled into a scroll. It bears a shiny sort of wax seal.

He grins wide and motions for the two dwarves, the elf, and the gnome to join him.

Hello friends! Weleand sends word, he shouts to the four.

He holds a bit of cheese in his other hand, feeding it to a tiny white mouse in his pocket. It's okay, Kitty, we've got this... he says quietly to the rodent.

(OOC: Thanks for letting me jump in late with a slightly unorthodox character. I got pre-aproval on most of this stuff from the DM. Cheers! Fun group.)


Clalick rubs his temples at the loud noise.

"Shhhh. It's too early and I've a little bit of a headache from the drink last night."

Looking the colorful halfling up and down Clalick looks to Frat who doesn't show any signs of this person being a local. "Coffee please?"

"Who is this Weeland fellow and what word does he send?"
Clalick asks suspiciously. Pausing almost long enough for the halfling to answer the question he interrupts just as Jhary opens his mouth. "If this is a sales pitch you are wasting your time... Just so you know."

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