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Will's AD&D 2nd Edition - Who knows where it will go!

OOC: So it is easier to roll under Con (presumably succeeding) if you had the blast?

[roll0] vs 17 Con.

OOC: To roll dice you type [ roll] (without the space) [ roll]1d20+3[/roll] for example (again with an extra space so it doesn't actually roll)

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Con save Aego: [roll0]. His Con score is 10.

So it is easier to roll under Con (presumably succeeding) if you had the blast?
Aego's also had a Balrog Blaster or two, and I'm curious about this as well. :) Edit: Not that it matters when rolling a natural 1. :D

OOC: Clalick had a couple of them. Con [roll0](+1 because his Con score is 12? it's been so long since I played this edition.

OOC: No, your target number is 12. You roll under that value. We're confused by why the die roll would be -2 for drinking the hefty drink. I assume he meant the die roll is -2.

William Smith1

OOC - Yes it is minus 2 to the die roll so it is easier to make the roll vs Constitution in this case. Your target number is your attribute and you adjust the die roll based on circumstances. A lot of stuff is backwards from what you would expect in 2nd Edition! So net result is it is easier to get a good night's sleep in the common room (other sleepers noisy with snores and talking in sleep) if you drank some Blast.

OOC: So the scary sounding drink was actually the low alcohol option.

Dorana awakes in the morning and get ready to travel. She heads down to the common room looking for breakfast.

William Smith1

You all recall (somewhat) someone talking in their sleep. Sounded like a nightmare. The only fragment you remember is something about "The Hill Magician". Other than that you awake refreshed and clear headed. Seems the Balrog Blast was all bark and no bite. In Weleand's private room is a breakfast buffet of eggs, some kind of sausage, and assorted fruits, some of which you do not recognize. Blossom is there and says, "Hope you all slept well, Weleand asked that we send you off with a hearty breakfast. By the way, some of the fruits are from a place far away called Arborea. Weleand brought them back from one of his trips. The pink ones are the best in my opinion. What do you all want to do with your advances? You are welcome to take them with you or Jagyuk can keep them safe for you here at the 'Rin. Up to you. Oh, and I have something here Weleand calls 'Orange Juice', pretty nice but a bit sour if you ask me. I do like it with some white spirits though."

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