Wing and Sword: Life During Wartime

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The Shaman

First Post
Initiative order -
Sgt. Katsourianis 19
Mysterious assailant 17
Marcel, Pyotr 11
Legionnaires – support (Sanches, Ortu, Syrovy, Asmussen) 10
Normand 8
Legionnaires – choc (Nedjar, Pamuk) 6

A hole appears in the glass just above Kat’s head, scattering tiny fragments over the sergent’s head and shoulders. The sous-officier doesn’t hesitate, raising the barrel of his submachine gun and returning a long burst through the glass.

Normand is in a position to fire but he must either make a Spot check to locate a target or guess and fire blind. Pyotr must move to a position where he can see inside the garage to look for a target.


First Post
Normand automatically drops to one knee, trying to offer a smaller target. As he does so, he scans the area from which the shot appears to have come from, but, unable to see anyone, he holds his fire.

spot check (1d20=1)
I.. Figured that wasn't high enough.


Marcel rushes back to where Sanches and the rest of the support group is positioned, swearing softly under his breath as he runs in a crouch. Once reaching the group, he looks for signs of movement around the garage.

ooc: Watch 19.


First Post
Thinking quickly, Pyotr quickly scans the ground for a pebble or rock, then he makes his way underneath one of the windows so he can get a view of the inside without being seen. As soon as he can, he tosses the pebble at a window farther away.

Pyotr's plan is to get a view of where the gunfire is coming from by causing the person to fire in another direction so Pyotr can scan for muzzle flash without being seen. Did you need me to roll a Search for the pebble or Ranged Touch attack for the window?

The Shaman

First Post
Pyotr’s attempt to create a diversion is lost amid the sound of broken glass falling from the shattered window pane to the concrete driveway. There is no answering fire from inside the garage as Normand, blinded by the muzzle flash of the sergent’s MAT-49, struggles in vain to locate a target.

Kat doesn’t wait, triggering another peal of fire into the darkness. “Get that door open!” he orders over the din.

Sánchez ducks at the sound of the gunfire. Joder Cristo,” he says again through clenched teeth. “Stay down! Make sure you know what you’re firing at.”

As Marcel looks across the alley separating the garden from the rear of the garage, he can make out the shadowy form of a large dog – the animal is barking furiously as it runs around the fenced yard of the service station.


"Can't see anything to shoot at anyhow, Sánchez," Marcel says glumly. "Just that damned dog."

ooc: Keep up the Watch at +3 as needed.

The Shaman

First Post
Normand moves quickly to the door, Pyotr close behind, as Kat again cuts loose with the MAT-49. As Pyotr and Nedjar look on, the Frenchman knocks the glass from the frame to create an opening – the shards cascade to the floor in glittering pieces.

The legionnaires can barely make out a desk and some other furnishings in the faint light from outside – doors at each end of the room are dark patches against the gray walls.

In the garden across the alley, Marcel hears a small noise above the sergent’s submachine gun and the barking of the dog – the old woman, on hands and knees, peeks out of the screen door at the back of the house. “What are you doing?” she calls, her eyes wide, her voice quavering. “What is happening?”


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