D&D 5E WotC: 5 D&D Settings In Development?

WotC's Ray Winninger spoke a little about some upcoming D&D settings -- two classic settings are coming in 2022 in formats we haven't seen before, and two brand new (not Magic: the Gathering) settings are also in development, as well as return to a setting they've already covered in 5E. He does note, however, that of the last three, there's a chance of one or more not making it to release, as they develop more than they use.


Two classic settings? What could they be?

So that's:
  • 2 classic settings in 2022 (in a brand new format)
  • 2 brand new settings
  • 1 returning setting
So the big questions -- what are the two classic settings, and what do they mean by a format we haven't seen before? Winninger has clarified on Twitter that "Each of these products is pursuing a different format you've never seen before. And neither is "digital only;" these are new print formats."

As I've mentioned on a couple of occasions, there are two more products that revive "classic" settings in production right now.

The manuscript for the first, overseen by [Chris Perkins], is nearly complete. Work on the second, led by [F. Wesley Schneider] with an assist from [Ari Levitch], is just ramping up in earnest. Both are targeting 2022 and formats you've never seen before.

In addition to these two titles, we have two brand new [D&D] settings in early development, as well as a return to a setting we've already covered. (No, these are not M:tG worlds.)

As I mentioned in the dev blog, we develop more material than we publish, so it's possible one or more of these last three won't reach production. But as of right now, they're all looking great.

Of course the phrase "two more products that revive 'classic' settings" could be interpreted in different ways. It might not be two individual setting books.
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For the returning setting, my money is on Greyhawk (Saltmarsh, Mordenkainen's and Tasha's so far have touched on it) or Exandria, hopefully with a new Tal'Dorei book. I've heard that Green Ronin no longer has the rights to print it, and maybe that's because WotC is planning to?

I suppose Forgotten Realms is also a strong contender, especially since, as others have said, so much out of SCAG has been reprinted or errata'd now. I will say, unless they take the red editorial pen through at least the last two editions worth of lore (preferably the last four) I'll pass. The 'we broke the world and handwaved it back together like nothing happened' non-retcon really rubbed me the wrong way. A new book with a classic timeline I'd like, but otherwise, I've still got access to the Gray Box, and 5E works perfectly fine with 1E/2E fluff.
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B/X Known World
Have a conversation with those "some." If they genuinely insist on that level of entitlement, it sounds like it's time for them to be DM for a few campaigns.

It doesn't sound like they're meeting you halfway.
The weird thing is how people complain about bland kitchen sink settings...but also insist on being able to play in bland kitchen sink settings.

I do kind of want Greyhawk. I like it’s Kingdom and nation focus and the fact that Evil is much stronger in it then many of the other settings.
In FR for example evil forces tend to pop up to threaten places before being defeated, and they tend to be secret cults or other outlaw forces. And the majority of civilization is controlled by good or neutral forces. In Greyhawk evil forces control about half the map, more then the good and neutral ones. Who tend to be pretty threatened by these very powerful enemies. Most notably the Mordor like Empire of Iuz, that is constantly expanding.

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