D&D 5E WotC Delays New D&D Book Announcement

This from WotC — “Get the quasits out of our office! Our plan to make a D&D book announcement on Thursday has been changed. Adventurers, mark your calendars for Monday, January 13.”


The book was due to be announced on Thursday 9th January after a mysterious entry appeared on Amazon with a product title of "Dungeons & Dragons March Release Book (Title announced January 9th)" and a release date of March 17th, 2020. See the original news item here:
They haven't given a reason; back in November WotC delayed the launch of the sapphire D&D anniversary dice at the last minute, too.
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Reading into it, I wonder if something was supposed to be released to coincide with it....like a new UA? Though, I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement was tied to the release of the next Dragon+.

Or, and most likely, the person or persons involved that were supposed to be on the video/stream/podcast are out of the office until then.

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