WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

Burt Baccara

I know they do these surveys regularly, though I do not recall a recent D&D survey that asked about earlier editions, much less when the last time you played them.

What do people make of that? I'm wondering if this is coming up as part of deciding to put the earlier editions into CC or to test the waters for reprints for the 50th anniversary. On the 50th, I would imagine they have whatever they are going to release already planned, but who knows?

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Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
LOL that's a meaningless distinction. No, it's not all "after market stuff" to print to PDF. Come on Micah, if you want to have it on your computer (if you consider a PDF on your computer "owned") then you can do it, legally, without much issue. If instead you want to whine about WOTC "renting" you stuff without taking the steps open to you to have it not "rented" in your mind (which I also think is a meaningless distinction in this context but obviously you do not) then that's one you but it makes your point much weaker.

People who feel the need to use the products off-line, can do so. No matter how many times you repeat the lie that it's "rented" it remains an untrue claim. The only valid claim there is it's more difficult than it should be to use it offline. That's it.
It is more difficult to use offline, but fair enough. More troubling is the decision to change previous pdf offerings to a less friendly format.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Limiting all hybrid possibilities to just Human-Orc and Human-Elf is undesireble, and making mechanical representationfor everybpoaaibliry is infeasible: something has to give, and mechanical elements are what gave.
Again, Level Up found a way to make all cross-heritage combinations mechanically distinct. WotC didn't bother and went with the lazy, bland fix.


Such a lazy, insulting idea. It really seems like a path of least resistance designed not to offend anyone at the cost of functionally removing a concept from having any mechanical heft. Level Up did so much better with this.
I'm fine with the sacrifice as long as orcs remain as a core race. Seriously, regular orcs not being core but half orcs getting in was always a weird look

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