WotC Seeking Your Setting Proposals (was "Big Wizard announcement")

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Hurm.....You know, its not very much longer now until the those people that made it will be notified.

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Zulkir / Parcher...

Will the top10 mails be ready by tomorrow? We'll all be on prozac if you push the deadline back.
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"We'll all be on prozac if you push the deadline back."

Have you seen the photo from the previous page? It's virtually assured that they will have to push the deadline back to handle the workload (although I think it's rather silly that WotC didn't think they'd get this many responses to begin with... :)).

Steve M
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Re: test

Zulkir said:
Hopefully this attaches a photo of our Admin. Asst. Christina surrounded by one days worth of mail.

Oy vey!

Has poor Christina been getting OT pay (or some other kind of compensation) for putting up with the plethora of responses. She definately deserves something after what she's had to put up with.
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Meeting the deadline

I'm sure they'll make the deadline. Assuming

1) they didn't get started until Friday (when they hit 10k),
2) there are 10 judges,
3) that they will work over the weekend (or work 12 hour days),
4) and they are using a reasonable process*,

they should be having round table discussions right now to pick the top ten out of a select group of about a hundred. That will take a while, but is very possible.

So don't worry too much about the deadline. Let me froth for you :D.

* For example (assuming 10 judges):

Step 1: Skim through. Eliminate crap. Should average about 30 seconds per page (crap is easy to spot). Anything that really jumps out at them should be put in a special "Strong Contender" pile. Total time about 8 hours, and it cuts down on the total work required. Friday ends.

Step 2: Go through everything but the Strong Contender pile. What you're looking for are Strong Contenders that you missed while skimming for crap. This will probably take another 8 hours (there will be a lot fewer pages, but more reading time required). At the end of it, there should be 25-100 Strong Contenders. Saturday ends.

Step 3: Start going through the Strong Contender pile. Read each one, start comparing. Pick the top 10. This might take another day, depending on whether or not there are any obvious picks. Sunday ends.

Step 4: Get together with the other judges on Monday. All together, there should be about 100 submissions. Swap pages around, discuss, argue, defend favorites. Leaders will emerge. Proposals will get canned. Two days should be plenty to cut it down to 10.


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I think they'll still make it by tomorrow. I figured they just went through the piles and piles looking at all of the Core Ethos Statements first, and if that didn't catch their eyes, they file 13ed it. I think that is the primary reason they put so much emphasis on the CES.

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