Would YOU play AD&D 2e?

Would you play in an AD&D 2e campaign?

  • YES--If it was a good DM with a good group of players.

    Votes: 200 58.5%
  • NO--It just isn't for me.

    Votes: 142 41.5%

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First Post
If I were to crack out my old 2E books I'd end up taking the stuff out of it that I wasn't fond of and put in some 3E stuff that I think would work well with it....I'll call it 2.9 edition...or maybe just 4th edition to make it simple


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Honestly, I never played 2nd edition, but just having a THAC0 in a system sends chills down my spine... I'm all 3.X edition and I love it!

Haloq Jakar

First Post
not anymore

Last October I got a chance to rejoin a campaign I had played in years before that was more or less a 1st or 2nd ed game. It has been running for over 20 years that I know. So after 1 session I had to tell the dm thanks but no thanks when asked if I wanted to become a regular. Because the game has changed that much between 2nd and 3rd I really didn't want to have to relearn or unlearn the 3.5 ed mindset.


Nightfall said:
That's only IF you liked those settings. I liked Lankhmar...but I always felt I could have been more than just a "mere" human paladin.

I think even IF you don't.....Dark Sun is not my cup of tea by any means but I still enjoyed at least several games in that setting because the DM was good and I liked the people I was playing with. And I hope you're joking.....who the heck wants to play a paladin in Lankhmar?! :confused:


Put me up there with the "no way" crowd. Any group of gamers who I would feel comfortable and happy gaming with would already agree with me that AD&D2 is not a good choice of gaming system, and could suggest many other alternatives to use instead.

Vindicator said:
Some context: some friends of mine and I on this group and RPGnet are thinking of starting up a big, epic-scale AD&D 2e campaign.

I guess the question to ask here is "why AD&D2 specifically?".

Teflon Billy

I'd play Al Qadim in a heartbeat, but just regular old 2E? Not likley.

I didn't switch from 2E to 3E...I had abandoned D&D entirely before 3E appeared.


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normally? no, i wouldnt. But here in japan, it's pretty much the only game i have available, and the crew are really good folks, so i'm happy to pull up to the table. Systems are immaterial, as long as there is fun to be had.

besides, there's something to be said about playing Oriental Adventures while actually on one =)


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Nope. If I were going to play an older version of D&D, I'd much rather play 1e. I know I'm supposed to say, "Yes, if the DM was right, and the gaming group was good." But I remember all too well the 3-ring binders full of houserules for 2nd Edition AD&D. The thought makes me shudder. There are many, many games I'd rather play.

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