Would YOU play AD&D 2e?

Would you play in an AD&D 2e campaign?

  • YES--If it was a good DM with a good group of players.

    Votes: 200 58.5%
  • NO--It just isn't for me.

    Votes: 142 41.5%

I have no interest in going back to that system.

I like psionics, but not the broken mess in 2e. I hate 2e's ability score system. I hate how you can't buy skill ranks. I despise not having feats. I'd rather play Alternity, D20 Modern or some other system that actually has some flexibility to it.

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Sure, I had fun with 2e. It didn't make sense at times, and was sometimes limiting, but it was still a lot of fun with my friends. The best gaming I've ever done was in 2e, with the most fun, character development, and deepest story. The worst gaming I've had the misery of going through was in 3e, mostly because people were min-maxing like mad and just chopping anything they came across. Basically most of my gaming experiences have been between those extremes, but I have noticed in general the more rules-heavy or defined a system is, the worse the game play usually is. People tend to fret and stress about a "build" or optomizing their character too much, and once one person does it, everyone else has to play catch up. Not to mention the massive power creep and reliance on magic items in 3e. No thanks. I'd actually welcome a 2e game at this point.

Of course, I have WHFRP2 and Deadlands classic to play now, which satisfy my gaming needs better than anything else, so I'm a happy little dice-flinger. :D

Gabriel Stryffe

First Post
I would play 2ed. under just about any circumstances or any setting. Home Grown, Grey Hawk, Al Qadim, Ravenloft, Darksun, Forgotten Realms, heck even Hollow World you name it. 2ed. just seemed to have all of the diversity that you would look for in a game that published verious different settings as well various different types of settings.

Truthfully, I think 3ed in a lot of ways ruined not only D&D but a slew of other games as well. I don't think that Wizards of the coast in all of their "GAME DESIGNING GENIUS" (don't worry, I'm not about to go off on another rant of 'comedic opinion'...I remember how well the last one went over.) quite realized exactly what they were doing when they decided to have an open gaming license for D20. I mean sure now it's easier to min-max a character or two, but that sort of looses it's charm after the second Dwarf-Wizard-Spellfire Weilder-Theif-Kensei that you make. :)

And yes you'd need to be playing under a good DM/GM/Story-Teller/Referee/Zombie Master/Zartan('ya know if you ever feel like busting out with the old Hero Quest Game), but even with a good DM... 3ed in its entirety still allows for Cybernetically enhanced, Red Talon/Brujah abination, Jedi Guardian, Panzerhand wearing, gun weilding Kensei, half dragon, super spy ninjas who can drive Steam Jacks...(yeah I tried to fit in more ananlogies but it's late).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that...all I really want for christmas is for Wizards of the Coast to dissapear of of the face of the Earth so that maybe in a generation or two their "Buy more books-Get better Characters" mentallity will vanish from the minds of all gamers, and with thier inexplicable dissapearance, everything they've ever printed might be worth something someday :)



Front Range Warlock
I really enjoyed 2e up until the point in time that TSR started to churn out the Complete Books of Unbalanced Class Kits and Players/DMs Options manuals - prior to that, I felt that it fixed most of the mechanical loopholes of 1e (although I did miss monks and assassins). After that, it made the mechanical balance issues in 1e look subdued by comparison. I still like Basic D&D better, though (I'm a complete Known World fanboy).


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Gabriel Stryffe said:
I mean sure now it's easier to min-max a character or two, but that sort of looses it's charm after the second Dwarf-Wizard-Spellfire Weilder-Theif-Kensei that you make. :)
Dude... that would be a horrible character! Especially considering there's no Thief in 3.x :D


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Been there, done that.

I grew up with 2e. However there is a better system out currently. I've tried to go back to 2e for nostalgia reasons... the mechanics flaws (once cute and cuddly) now just annoy me.

2e is dead, long live 3(.5)e!!


I prefer 3rd, but the group i'm in prefers 2nd. we tried a 3e game, but since it was with converted characters, and most didn't know the rules, it didn't go over well, turning some off of 3rd. I have kept talking about how much better 3ed was, and they finally relented to playing 3rd, but i have to run it. I have great ideas, but lousy followthrough, but hopefully i will do good enough to convert them to 3rd, even though i don't mind playing 2nd.


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