Would YOU play AD&D 2e?

Would you play in an AD&D 2e campaign?

  • YES--If it was a good DM with a good group of players.

    Votes: 200 58.5%
  • NO--It just isn't for me.

    Votes: 142 41.5%


I played 2nd Edition back in the day and yes I would play it with a good DM and a good set of players. These days I certainly prefer 3.5, but I am all about having fun and often times there are more than just the rules that go into that mix.

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First Post
Nope. Ever since 3.0 came out (and i was there in the beginning, Basic set that is), I have stuck to D20/3.5, and wont go to any other system, including older 2nd edition, 1st... One of my players doesnt like 3.5 (hes cheap) and was the lucky reciever of almost over 6000 dollars worth of 2nd edition stuff after i decided to go 3.0, and now 3.5. Now he DM's 2nd edition happily twice a month. Ever since i wrapped my mind around 3.5, things have been very smooth and easy for me to DM to my group of 16 players. (Not all at once..gah no.)

What im basically trying to say is no way i will ever go back to 2nd edition for any reason, and am very happy with 3.5. :heh:

Chainsaw Mage

First Post
Gabriel Stryffe said:
I mean sure now it's easier to min-max a character or two, but that sort of looses it's charm after the second Dwarf-Wizard-Spellfire Weilder-Theif-Kensei that you make.... 3ed in its entirety still allows for Cybernetically enhanced, Red Talon/Brujah abination, Jedi Guardian, Panzerhand wearing, gun weilding Kensei, half dragon, super spy ninjas who can drive Steam Jacks...(yeah I tried to fit in more ananlogies but it's late).

And don't forget the 25th level Half-Fiend/Half-Gelatinous Cube Paladin/Druid/Monk/Barbarian.


Chainsaw Mage

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Thorin Stoutfoot said:
I dropped out of RPGs altogether when 2e came out, and came back with 3.0. I'm not playing 2e. Not even if Monte Cook himself were to DM the game.

If Monte Cook were to DM the game, and you were to *seriously* refuse to play in it, then you'd be making a colossal ass of yourself. However, I am convinced that your sentence above was mere hyperbole.

Hell, I'd play FATAL if Monte Cook were the DM.


Again with the cult of Monte Cook... this fully supports my theory that Malhavoc could publish Monte Cook Presents: FATAL, and his fanbois would still buy out the entire first printing in pre-order.


First Post
Chainsaw Mage said:
Hell, I'd play FATAL if Monte Cook were the DM.
I wouldn't. Some people believe a great GM can make any system worth playing.

I am not one of those people. "It's the greatest banana sundae, EVAR!" "Umm...I hate bananas." "No, you don't understand! It's the greatest banana sundae, EVAR!"

A sucky game is a sucky game is a sucky game, and no GM can make it better.

2e was a sucky game.

So I guess my answer is: No. Way. In. Hell. :D

the Jester

Maybe, but not if there was another game in town.

I'd honestly be much more prone to counter-recruit some 2e players into my 3e campaign, frankly.


We just rolled new chars yesterday evening for a new 2e campaign that will start end of November. We do not use any additional rule books in 2e, just the PHB, DMG, MM and all campaign resources for Greyhawk (pre-war). That's about it. Playing 2e like that isnt too much of a difference to 1e I'd say.

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