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Wraith recon; what can you tell me about it? (Setting, races, etc...)

I'm thinking of picking this up for a couple of my friends for a late x-mas present...

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It's almost entirely setting. The only mechanical changes include a super-list of items that Wraith Recon members get, plus the options for requisitioning new items. The biggest effect it had on me was the sudden realization that covert-ops was something awesome that I had never thought of before.
I have some friends with the book. It's decent.


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1) It's awesome. Best thing out for 4e IMO. In fact if for any reason I decide to run another 4e game, it will almost certainly be Wraith Recon based.

2) The book is almost entirely setting fluff. No new races, classes or powers. There are a couple new magic items, the Omnilens and its network.

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