WV/MD/PA/OH: Nightfall wants to start a game day, (in Morgantown, WV)


Sage of the Scarred Lands

While this would work before, I can't say I can do it in 2007 (I'll still be in classes if my schedule looks right for April.) But maybe 2008 or during the summer. :)

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I'm originally from New Martinsville, and I have a ton of family along Rt. 1 between Clarksburg and New Martinsville.

I might be interested in a drive up for something depending on when you have it.


Sage of the Scarred Lands
I'm not sure if I'll be around in 2008. :p :) Not dead mind you but I might be out of WV by then. We'll see.

If there's a need for transportation, I'm willing to drive at least 3 hours in any direction to pick up people. :p ;)


Sage of the Scarred Lands
Yeah just like it's a shame I don't live near more prominent gaming hubs. :p But there you are.

Anyway folks come on...I could use the support! :p :)


If you ever go through BC, Blaine, make sure you drop me an email. There's a game table waiting for you there, and I'll make sure Orcus makes it for the party! :D

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